How to run a successful Magento online shop?

Magento online shop: The rising of eCommerce has opened new opportunities for retailers in quickly developing their business. With the limitless potential of the Internet, you can create the most impressive websites for your brand!

For most successful stores, they have chosen Magento as their base for the online business since this is the number 1 eCommerce open-source platform right now. So what to prepare for a successful Magento online shop?

Choose the best Magento edition

Magento is famous for its scalability, security, and reliability. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, Magento is reliability by thousands of stores globally.

Along with the growth of eCommerce businesses, the Magento team has developed various editions fitting with the demand of each merchant. There are two popular editions: The Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition (also known as Commerce Edition).

The Community Edition is the free version, which is the perfect choice for start-ups and small businesses. With bigger brands and huge enterprises, the paid version of Enterprise Edition is your excellent ally in expanding your influence. 

A reminder for store owners who are still using Magento 1: Every support for all Magento 1 versions will be shut down in June 2020, so quickly migrate your data to Magento 2 for the best performance. 

Select a suitable theme | Magento online shop

Each store has a unique style to differentiate from other competitors. And you know, your website design can support visitors to see your characteristics by using an attractive theme. 

A Magento online shop has numerous choices in theme since technology providers have created various themes for an efficient page. You can decide how customers look at your site and how they interact with different elements in the store.

Integrate payment gateway

Many consumers worry about online shopping because of fraud as well as in transparent transactions and invoices. To eliminate the risk and increase your customers’ trust, you should integrate a reliable payment gateway that can work with various methods as well as be accepted in different regions worldwide. 

A secure and simple check-out process will encourage customers to buy more and choose your store for the next purchases.

Manage orders, shipping, and inventory

With its useful features, Magento can help store owners to manage orders, shipping, and inventory at ease! You don’t have to worry about missing an order or getting lost in the complicated requirements of the customers. However, it’s important to build an organized plan to manage all factors effectively. You must decide the workflow of your team and how products move after each step. 

Create effective membership programs

For an online store, maintaining customer loyalty can determine the success of the business. Stores have a wide range of loyalty programs to choose such as points loyalty program, tier loyalty program or cash-back loyalty program. 

Let us recommend the Magento Rewards Program by Magnet, an extension that can help you express your gratitude by increasing customer experience through efficient points loyalty policies as well as special offers. 

Connect to social media

It’s a smart strategy to link social network accounts to your website. Consumers spend lots of time surfing the net daily and high chances they can encounter your brand on these platforms. Facebook or Instagram can be your ideal place to advertise products. These channels can also attract a huge number of potential buyers, so why hesitate to connect social media to your Magento online shop?

In conclusion, it’s not an impossible task to successfully open and run an online business. With the help of Magento, the best eCommerce platform right now, you can grow your business quicker than you’ve ever expected. So prepare your new business by checking all points on the list above! We hope you achieve greatness in the near future!

Platforms You Will Need for Developing Chatbots

Chatbots development: “Chatbots are the future of engagement between the brand and the user.”

Customer experience undoubtedly is a key indicator to gauge the success of a business, and hence a large number of companies have integrated chatbot that paves the way to achieve it with perfection.

Chatbots development: A chatbot is a software that facilitates communication between you and your users round the clock in auditory or textual methods. In other word, it is artificial intelligence software to simplify interaction with users. Nowadays, it comes with advanced features that help robots talk in a natural articulation to provide better customer experience.

Now that you have to come to know that you need a chatbot to enhance customer experience, but what about platforms that support the chatbot system.

A chatbot development platform is a tool that creates a chatbot. It is like a social media platform that you use to express your thoughts. There are various platforms to develop a chatbot and each of them has different features.

Chatfuel – Chatbots development

Do not you have knowledge of coding? Do not worry because you can create your own bot without coding on Telegram and Facebook Messenger using Chatfuel. This is free with basic features. If you want to use advanced features, you will have to pay a few pennies every month.

It offers the following features:

1. You can add content cards and share them with your followers.
2. You can store information inside Messenger chats.
3. You can let your users interact with your bot with buttons.

It also comes with AI technology for interactive conversations because people prefer chatting to select options using buttons.

According to a study, the estimated number of chatbots using Chatfuel is over 40,000, and these companies include brands such as British Airways and Volkswagen.


Botsify, another non-coding platform, was launched in 2016. It is an artificial intelligence chatbot development platform that enables you to create a bot for your websites as well as Facebook Messenger.

This is more advanced than Chatfuel because it includes the HUMAN TAKEOVER feature. It enables the robot to comprehend the conversation and customize the answer accordingly.

It offers the following features:

1. It uses drag and drops templates to create a chatbot.

2. The AI feature makes the conversation seamless when the bot does not have a suitable answer.

3. It offers multiple plugins to integrate with WordPress, Shopify, Zapier, etc.

Note that it will set you back even if you use it with basic features.


It is one of the most popular chatbots as it responds in real-time through voice or text. It is also an artificial intelligence chatbot platform. This platform can take your customer service to the next level.

The following are the features:

  • This will allow your bot to talk in a natural and informal way. The natural language understanding engine will allow it to decipher messages dropped by your customers during a real-time conversation.
  • It demonstrates human empathy and human-like articulation and tome during the conversation.
  • You will stay connected with nodes unless the use receives the information that they want.
  • You can feed decisions and make changes whenever you want in just a few clicks.
  • It provides omnichannel experiences and makes better decisions.


This bot making platform can customize your requirements to help your customers engage with your business. You can create a bot by simply following three steps:

  • Enter your business website URL where you want to create a chatbot.
  • Pick a template that defines your business scenario.
  • Get the chatbot ready on your website.

The following are the features:

  • It assists conversations in native languages.
  • It comes with analytic features that allow you to track goals and measure them with bot engagement.
  • You can take the lead where you feel like the bot does not seem to handle the conversation. With one click, you can switch from bot-to-human and human-to-bot.

There are some other chatbot development platforms, for instance,, Semantic Machines,, but they require coding. Today it is important to have a chatbot for the growth of your business. Never fight shy of investing in chatbots. All of them are available in basic, premium and business category. Choose the one that suits your needs. If you do not have enough money, you can take out 100% guaranteed payday loans with direct lenders at affordable interest rates.

OST to Office 365 Converter-Import OST file to Office 365

OST (Offline Storage Table) is the offline files of Microsoft Outlook that includes Outlook emails, notes, attachments, archives, journals, meetings, etc. allowing you to work even without an Internet connection and gets syncs to Exchange Server wherever it is connected. Here, I am going to tell you about the OST to Office 365 Converter or the third-party software that help you to convert OST to Office 365 account.

Features of OST file to Office 365 Tool

  • Quick Batch migration with or without Impersonation Rights
  • Separate window for OST email filer
  • Date Range filer option to upload OST to O365.
  • Exchange Online mailbox selection feature.
  • Allows creating the log file to check the migration details.
  • Move OST with attachments only wherever required.
  • Instant and secure login to Office 365 Cloud accounts.
  • Unlimited OST files migration to Exchange Online environment.
  • Supports offline, damaged, inaccessible, Hotmail, Exchange Server, and IMAP OST files.

Working of MailsDaddy OST to Office 365 Migration Tool

  • Download, Install and Run the application.
  • Open the tool and click on the Add file A small pop-up window will open that allows you to add the OST file.
  • From the plus or the search sign, browse and insert the OST file. Then, hit on the Scan buttonà OK.
  • A preview will generate then go to the Export Again, a new window display to choose several export options.
  • Choose Office 365 and its mailbox where you want to move the Outlook OST data fileà next.
  • Type the Exchange Online ID and Password and hit the Sign-In button. This will let OST migrate to Office 365 Cloud platform.

System Requirement of the OST to Exchange Online Tool 

  • Processor: 2.4GHz (minimum)
  • RAM: 1GB (minimum)
  • Operating System: All Windows Editions (32 or 64-bit)
  • Supported Outlook: Compatible with MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and all earlier versions (32 or 64 -bit)

Conclusion: Here, I have explained a bit about the features and working of OST to Office 365 Converter to convert OST file to Office 365 mailbox.

Selecting Azure DevOps to Simplify Cloud Development

Software developers are implementing DevOps practices to shorten their software development life cycle(SDLC). DevOps practices had enabled software developers to work in tandem with operations teams to produce robust apps within a short duration. According to Teahbeacon’s research, the market for DevOps is increasing 33% every year and it is expected to reach $7.72 billion by 2021.

There are various benefits of implementing DevOps in your business.

Click here to learn these benefits: Benefits of Implementing DevOps in your Business

Simplify Cloud Development

Implementing DevOps enables developers to achieve operational efficiency and address problems of the developers. We are a DevOps consulting services company that uses advanced DevOps tools and methodologies to accelerate the software development life cycle.

Some of the DevOps tools we use: Choosing An Ideal DevOps Tool to Accelerate Development

What is Azure?

Azure is a widely adopted cloud computing platform created by Microsoft. The cloud platform that facilitates developing, deploying, testing, and managing services and applications through Microsoft-managed data centers using favorite tools and frameworks.

Introduction to Azure DevOps

Azure is full of flexible DevOps workflows. Microsoft Azure offers services for DevOps in their cloud platform. Let’s looks at some of these services:

  • Visual Studio Team Service(VSTS): Enables teams to share track work, share code, and ship software.
  • Visual Studio Mobile Center: the Mobile apps mission control
  • Visual Studio: Microsoft’s Integrated development environment (IDE)
  • HockeyApp: Crash reports, collect feedback, deploy mobile apps, and monitor usage.
  • Third-Party Tools: Azure supports third-party tools including  Redhat, Jenkins, Chef, Spinnaker, and Terraform.


Azure DevOps Terminology

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration (CI) built and testing of code automate when a team member makes a change to the existing version. In CI the master branch is keeping clean and a development branch is created. when the testing complete and the pull request is accepted changes are accomplished to the master branch.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery (CD) involves building, testing, configuring, and deploying an app from a build to a production environment.

Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) manages infrastructure including networks, virtual machines, load balancers, and connection topology in a descriptive model. It uses the identical version that uses by DevOps teams for source code. IaC enables DevOps teams to test applications at the initial stages of the development cycle in a production-like environments


Architectural patterns that divide applications into smaller components and deploy to perform certain business logic. MIcro Services communicate over the web with REST APIs.

Azure DevOps uses DevOps tools like GIT and Visual Studio Team Services to facilitate the collaboration of the teams. It uses Jenkins or Travis CI for Automated integration testing, and GitHub or visual studio team service for Continuous delivery.

Are you planning to accelerate your software development process? Contact Oodles Technologies, a DevOps Cloud consulting services company that uses DevOps software development methodologies to deliver applications and services with efficiency. We deliver DevOps models that automate and accelerates the processes between software developers and operations teams. Our DevOps practices improve management processes, decrease cost, and deliver end-to-end agility.


Why is Software Testing Important in the Financial Sector?

The banking and financial services industry (BSFI) is currently facing tremendous disruption due to technological changes and digital transformation. Banking domains majorly rely on technology-enabled products with a crucial need to have stable and high-performance products, for great customer experience. It is essential that all banking apps and software run smoothly to deliver secure transactions. So a banking app testing company uses different testing tools to ensure software quality. 

Since all customer-facing companies such as banks, financial services, and FinTech firms evolve due to digital transformation, the need for testing has increased than ever before. When talking about banking applications, it is important to have a robust and high-performing app. Since the customer base for banking apps is huge, their critical data can be at risk if an application is not protected. Thus, it needs to be tested in all aspects. There are certain factors with respect to banking applications that need in-depth testing to ensure stable and robust software apps. 

Customers expect banking software and applications to be robust and deliver safe transactions, for which effective end-to-end testing of all systems and networks is required. Thus, banks and financial services firms hire a banking app testing company to ensure defect-free apps. In addition, banking apps are more complicated than any other app due to so many dependencies. Thus, testing needs more time and testers require to understand the complete scope. Let’s have a look at other factors important for banking app testing:

Software Testing Compliance with Regulations:

Testers need to have knowledge about all banking regulations since it is important to focus on business transparency. Thus, efficient software testing is required to meet the current banking APIs and compliance with the latest regulations. 

Digital Convergence:

Due to digital transformation, there is a paradigm shift in the banking and financial services domains. Things have completely changed especially since the growing number of IoT devices. The digital payments have made it easier to switch to paperless currency, thus software testing is of great importance. 

Security and Privacy:

It is the topmost priority for banks to focus on software testing to ensure efficient and secure transactions. While using digital apps, customer data is at risk. So banks need to ensure they provide their customers with the safest and most reliable software applications. 

Enhanced Experience:

Due to the increasing competition in the market, it is extremely important for banks and other financial institutions to build apps that provide an enhanced user experience. 

Stable Transactions with Payment Gateways:

It is extremely important for banking apps to provide a stable payment gateway integration to ensure effective and successful transactions to customers. 

Technological changes have caused major disruptions in the BSFI, calling for a more proactive approach to test banking apps. Thus, they invest in a reliable banking app testing company to ensure software testing is done efficiently and accurately. A huge responsibility lies on the testers’ part since they need to ensure robust apps to perform secure transactions. 

Are Bug Identification Tools Important for Testing Teams?

Bug identification is one of the most crucial phases in the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Bugs are a norm in the entire SDLC, so it is important to remove them to assure software quality. Research has proved that the earlier these bugs are detected, the better it is for quality assurance. Ever imagined what could be a tester’s worst nightmare? The answer is addressing bugs that affect software quality. Too often, these issues or bugs are so irregular that even testers fail to track them. Thus, they are equipped with bug management tools to record, track and update its status. 

A tester’s job doesn’t end here. It is important for testers to keep a track record of all the bugs appearing in a software application and how they are prioritized. Sometimes, bugs are also duplicated, but with the right set of tools, this problem is also resolved. Testers look for effective bug management software to make the most of their entire software testing suite. 

Bugs Identification

Software development and debugging concept. Bug found in binary code with a magnifying glass.

What exactly is a Bug Identification System?

Software testing is one of the most essential yet complex phases of the software development lifecycle. When a bug management tool is used, the testing process is streamlined. It assists testers in identifying the potential issues and bugs in the software application. 

Ways in which a Bug Tracking System Helps Software Testers

With the help of bug management tools, testers can easily:

Software Quality Assurance:

Whenever firms hire a software testing company for product development, they expect a bug-free software which isn’t practically possible. However, software testers ensure that they roll out products that are tested with the best bug management tools and software testing tools. A bug tracking tool identifies issues in the software app and ensures that all these issues are removed or resolved before going into the production phase. 

Improves Return on Investment (ROI):

A bug management software or tool can identify bugs much faster than testers. It also helps in recognizing repetitive issues and come up with the best possible solutions to mitigate risks associated with those issues. It streamlines all the types of issues according to priority and severity, leaving no chance of missing any issues. 

Improves Teamwork:

With the help of a bug management tool, the overall communication and collaboration between team members are improved. The right person for fixing the issues is notified right away so that he can address the issue immediately. This centralized system provides a real-time report of the bug fixing process that can be used for decision making later. 

With bug management tools, teams can achieve quality software products and ensure their business is steering in the right direction. In a very short time period, all the defects are listed in the system ensuring there is no duplication. These tools also support in improving user experience to ensure that all the products are delivered in time. Software testers tend to improve software quality and meet tight schedules with the help of these tools. 

Unparelleled Augmented Reality Experiences and iOS Platform

Augmented Reality (AR) is emerging as a necessity that brings the physical and digital world closer. With its multiple implementations in the past, AR has created a stage for immersive web and mobile experiences. Undoubtedly, AR withholds a future of infinite prospects for numerous industries that can stand out in the core competition.let us have a brief introduction of AR below:It is a technology that allows to create computer-generated artificial and 3D objects in a real-time environment while ameliorating the objects & spaces in physical spaces while leading to seamless user-experiences

.IOS and AR Prowess iOS is a robust mobile app and game development platform which provides a plethora of features to build competing solutions for any sort of business online. Almost every iOS app development company favors the prowess of this feature-rich mobile platform due to its performant and efficient structure.Talking about augmented reality capabilities, iOS provides complete support to the latest advances in AR. \

In the upcoming paragraphs, you will find different SDKs and features of iOS in context with AR competence.ARKit 3, iOS offers you ARKit 3, a toolkit that allows the developers to have a native AR framework. The iOS apps or games developed on this are capable enough to recognize objects with computer-generated realities.It is an immaculate combination of camera scene capture, extraordinary scene processing, and an easy process to generate AR experiences. Moreover, you can leverage motion capture that enables it to track human movement in the form of input to the AR-generated scene.RealityKit and ComposerReality composer is a new feature that allows the developers to create interactive AR experiences for iOS and Mac. With its adoption, once can achieve live linking which further, allows to move coherently amongst multiple devices, including the iPhone, Mac & iPad.This is included with both Xcode and an iOS app, thus, one can build, tune, simulate, and test AR experiences, wholly on iPhone/iPad.

It also enables you to record and play, which means you can capture the incidence taking place, and store it for later use.On the other hand, RealityKit is quite a high-level framework with powerful camera effects, photo-realistic rendering animations, and so on, driven from ground ups, especially AR. It involves the prowess of Swift API. Its effective adoption makes the development process faster and easier with exposure to native ARKit integration, spatial audio, physics-based rendering, and more.AR Quick LookPowered by ARKit 3, AR quick look can be exploited to place 3D objects in the real-world environment. It supports scenes and models, built with Reality composer, accordingly, you can create interactive user-experiences, for later viewing and sharing.Some fine examples of AR quick look built-in apps for iOS include Mail, Safari, News, Messages, and Notes. All these utilize Quick Look to allows users to enjoy astounding reflections of the physical world in the form of virtual objects.


Presently, Augmented reality is leaving the traditional web and mobile app experiences far behind. All-in-all it is offering finer and piquant CX (customer experiences). Multiple renowned and forward-thinking brands are already leveraging this technology in their favor while overcoming the daunting challenges with AR-enabled solutions efficaciously.Talking about the iOS platform, it holds a huge appreciation from users due to its advance level of competence and offerings. In this post, I have mentioned all-inclusive support from this platform in context with AR support. You can simply look for the best-suited option for your apps or games and get started with the projects.

Office 365 Backup solution to export Office 365 mailbox to PST

Here, I am going to explain about Office 365 backup solution briefly. If you in search of Office 365 PST backup software then you at the right place. Below, I am sharing the manual techniques involved to export Office 365 mailbox to PST Outlook both with the assistance of the manual process of the Office 365 mailbox export to PST.

Methods of Exchange Online Export to PST

Microsoft has provided two methods to create a backup of the Exchange Online mailboxes. First, with the help of the in-built eDiscovery tool that allows exporting PST from Office 365 accounts. In this entire process Exchange Online Backup solution, you need to work on eDiscovery Manager and create a new export case. You are provided with an Export key that needs to copy and paste in the eDiscovery tool to transfer Office 365 into PST.

The second method requires the process of Office 365 configuration in a Desktop-Based email client MS Outlook. Once configured completely, with the help of the Import/Export Tool you can move Office 365 emails, contacts, tasks, journals, etc. into the PST data file.

Both the manual process is very helpful in terms of taking Exchange Online backup.

There is also the third techniques and that is third-party software. Office 365 to PST export tool is highly recommended because of the presence of numerous important features that you do not get while implementing the backup process using the manual solution. MailsDaddy Office 365 Backup Tool is one example of Office 365 PST backup software to export Office 365 to PST.

Advantages of Office 365 PST Backup Tool

  • More export options to migrate from Office 365 accounts.
  • A complete backup solution for both the o365 Administrator and the user.
  • Provides automated Office 365 mailbox backup to PST process with complete protection.
  • Unlimited backing up of Exchange Online mailboxes in just a couple of minutes.
  • A powerful solution to preserve the Meta information of each data while migrating Office 365 to PST file.
  • Secure migration from Cloud platform to On-premise local device.
  • Provides the possibility of backing up Office 365 2-factor enabled mailboxes.
  • Allows migration of Office 365 selected mailbox into PST file format.
  • Extracted PST files are compatible with Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and all earlier editions.

Conclusion: In this blog, I tried to explain the different Office 365 Backup solution to export from Exchange Online to PST file. Export Office 365 mailbox to PST both using the manual or the Office 365 PST backup tool.




Migrate or Upload PST to Office 365 Exchange Online

Here, I will discuss how to migrate or upload PST to Office 365 accounts. Before that let me tell a few lines about Office 365 and the Outlook.

What is Office 365: A Platform allows users to work on Cloud Platform providing various applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, OneNote, etc.

What is Outlook: Outlook is an email client that provides several but on the Desktop platform.

Both the MS Office 365 and Outlook developed by Microsoft but due to the presence of more relevant and useful features, people are choosing Office 365 over the Desktop-Based Outlook. They are moving their PST data to Exchange Online Cloud environment to make their work more productive.

There are two ways to migrate PST to Office 365 Exchange Online. The two techniques are:

  • Manual Process

The method implemented manually and that provided by Microsoft. The process called Network Upload Method to migrate PST files to Exchange Online mailboxes. It is a process where you need to take the help of the Azure Tool to transfer the PST data file to the storage location of MS Azure. It is a lengthy process and it takes a lot of time to complete the entire process of uploading PST file to Exchange Online.

  • Professional Solution

The technique executed with the help of third-party applications. There is a lot of software present in the market to import PST to Office 365. One such amazing application is MailsDaddy PST to Office 365 Migration Tool. Below are the few points that make you clearer about the importance of the software.

Importance of PST to Office 365 Tool to upload PST to Office 365

  • Few minutes’ solutions to import PST file to Exchange Online accounts.
  • Allows selection of Office 365 mailboxes migrating Outlook PST to a selected mailbox.
  • A worry-free solution where there is no fear of data loss or damage.
  • There is no requirement of the presence of MS Outlook to implement PST migration to Office 365 Cloud.
  • Deduplication is the key feature of the tool as it does not allows forming duplicate data while PST to Exchange Online data conversion.
  • Keep content, email properties, and the HTML formats undisturbed along with its attachments.
  • Perform its operation is Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, etc. operating system.
  • Offers moving PST files of Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, etc.

These just a few significant characteristics of using the software. If you use an application then you find more features such as Bulk and Impersonate export, email search option, etc.

Conclusion: Through this blog, I tried to explain how to migrate or upload PST file to Office 365 accounts manually or with the help of third-party software. I also discussed the significant key elements of using migration tools.


Technology and Food Production

In recent years, technology has drastically changed and reshaped nearly all the spheres of people’s lives. Technological advances have revolutionized the way people live, work, relax and even the way food is produced. The presence of food technology in everyday life contributes to the improvement of food quality and the efficiency of food processing and preparation. The pre-written papers like this demonstrate the importance of the following topic.

How Do We Use Technology Nowadays

First, technology has enabled people to prepare meals over a shorter period of time. It is really convenient to prepare meals in less than 20 or 30 minutes. This has become possible due to the development of different kinds of prepared food, such as baby food, breakfast cereals, and porridges, dried and frozen vegetables, etc.

Second, technologies ensure food safety. Specialists in food technology closely examine the chemical characteristics of products. Preservation techniques allow consumers to keep food for a longer period of time. Moreover, this food retains its quality and taste and is completely safe and nutritious to the customer.

The Influence Of Technology On Nutritious

Rarely do people think about the influence of technology on nutritious, delicious and healthy food? As a matter of fact, technologies have a direct impact on it. With the help of different chemical and biological processes, food can acquire a new taste. Scientists have also created synthesized vitamins and minerals that help to restore vitamins in a person’s organism. Ordinary food such as milk, bread or porridge can be enriched with vitamins and nutrients, such as iron, calcium, vitamin D, etc. With the help of pasteurization, bacteria and other harmful elements can be removed from the milk and other dairy products.

In conclusion, food technology guarantees that the food people consume is safe for their health. With the assistance of modern technologies, it has become easier to follow international standards of products. For example, food that has a special flavor, taste, and nutritional properties.