Cyber Security Strategy for Checks on Supply Chain

For any business, a cybersecurity strategy is essential for ensuring a well-protected supply chain management system. Most sophisticated hacking groups target poorly-secured suppliers. Although organizations are doing the right thing by defending their networks, utilizing security patches and using two-factor authentication. Yet, hackers manage to breach into the supply networks, making it into their business […]

Artificial Intelligence is changing Wildlife Research for the better

The process of analyzing worldwide data on animals is simplifying, and all of this goes down to data harvesting methods, thanks to scientists for AI systems. Given the urgency of many species worldwide, having real-time data on the nature of endangered species is crucial to ensure their survival. Because biologists cannot always work on-site or […]

Proven Ways To Grow Business With Plumbing Software

Whether your plumbing business is a team of few technicians or an organization that is growing tremendously, you need to have measures that could fetch revenue. Growing your business is one thing and growing it towards the right direction among the right audience is another. Problem with plumbing business is that the revenue, sometimes, doesn’t […]

Creating Digital Revolution with Applications of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

The applications of artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain create several opportunities for the public sector and private sector enhancement. Both provide businesses with solutions that can radically enhance and streamline existing operations and processes. These emerging technologies enable every type of institution to create new business models and develop innovative solutions and services. “Anything that […]

Creating a Headless CMS with Magento and Angular JS

Magento is one of the topmost CMS, being used in today’s world for e-commerce business. Its publicly using REST APIs and open-source architecture allows Magento developers to perform the customization and personalization to the front and back-end of the website. An effect of e-commerce shops has increased due to the growth of online connectivity and […]

Opportunities Created by Ripple for Cross-border Payment Solutions

The cross-border payments market continues to grow with increasing international commerce, migration, and changing economic trends. Currently, financial institutions like banks have significant dominance in cross-border payments with a market share of 95 percent. However, their payment transfers and services lack transparency, attract high fees, and lead to delays. These long-standing obstacles can be overcome […]

Understanding Different Crypto-currency Wallet Types

A cryptocurrency wallet is a software program that enables crypto users to buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies. In simple terms, we can compare it with a physical wallet, which stores fiat currencies. However, unlike conventional wallets, it does not store cryptocurrencies. Instead, it holds records of all cryptocurrency transactions on the blockchain network. It uses […]