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As you know, technology gets smarter and faster. We rely on electricity more and more. It plays an essential role in our daily activities. From watching television, keeping food healthy in the refrigerator to charging our phones would be impossible without electricity. And that’s the reason it is necessary to ensure power is always running […]
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Landing pages are a fundamental component of a digital marketing strategy and an incredibly powerful way to start a conversation with anonymous visitors. For most businesses, the objectives of a website may be to complete a direct sale, convert visitors into leads, or at the very least, capture their contact information and bring them through […]
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I’ve put the best practices/guidelines together for creating a landing page (especially for startups) in something that I call The Absolute Beginner’s Landing Page Recipe. Here goes: 1. Do your research Since we’re talking foundations, I have to tell you that you cannot possibly build a well-converting landing page without prior research. You have to […]

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