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Young People And New Technology

How do most young people spend much of their free time? On their computers or their mobiles. They’re essential communication and information tools for them. They’ve grown up with computers in schools, and often had mobiles since their early teens or before, so they’re almost extensions of their bodies and lives.
So each new advance is just a small step forward for them, something that seems logical. Instead of going out to buy a CD, it’s far easier simply to download the tracks you want and nothing more. The Internet means convenience. They can transfer those tracks to an iPod or portable media player. Not just music, but video, too, to carry their entertainment with them. It makes perfect sense to them, just as a video-sharing site does, or using a video game console. They master these things effortlessly, as if they’ve been programmed how to know what to do – and growing up with technology, they have, in a way.

But what they love above else, perhaps surprisingly, are their phones. They upgrade to the newest handsets, eager for new technology, and use it, using them for instant messaging, social networking, as music libraries, for the Internet on the go, even to watch TV in some cases.

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  • May 4, 2017

    Thats great ..

    Today™s children and young people have grown up in a world that is very different from that of most adults. Subsequently, how young people use technology is not always understood by parents, carers and staff members.

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