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Xecuter SX Pro work with sd card to play games

Nintendo Switch, as one of the most popular video game consoles today, is quite a not bad choice for days in 2020. Thanks to its hybrid design, the Switch is both a home console and a portable console, it will play its mobility to accompany you on vacation. As you know, with the launch of Xecuter SX Pro and SX OS, this console is already cracked completely, but how to play free games switch 2020?

How many free switch games can we play in 2020?

Although most platforms host a lineup of solid, free-to-play games, the Switch’s library of free titles is just as robust as the rest of them, even offering many of the same games as they do. Whether you’re worried about shelling out more cash after investing in the Switch, or simply looking to expand your existing gaming library, rest assured that Nintendo’s got you covered there. Here are ten of the best free games available for the Switch right now! We have listed the 15 free switch games on the below.

  1. Warframe
  2. Fortnite: Battle Royale
  3. Dawn of the Breakers
  4. Deltarune
  5. Brawlhalla
  6. Galak Z: Variant S
  7. DC Universe Online
  8. Fallout Shelter
  9. Super Kirby Clash
  10. Pokémon Quest
  11. Smite
  12. Paladins
  13. Arena of Valor
  14. Realm Royale
  15. Tetris 99

How can we play more switch games in 2020?

As everyone knows, the price of an original Switch game cartridge is not cheap, it’s really a big budget for the many players, especially the kids. But do not worry, thanks to Xecuter SX Pro or SX OS, it’s very easy to play it for free on your Nintendo Switch, any game of a cartridge or eshop games.

As you know, an R4 or 3DS flashcard can reserve multiple game files, and you could insert it to the console, you could run it right away, it does not support game hacking. Yet Xecuter SX is a CFW OS created by Team Xecuter, it for example, Xecuter SX Pro, is a utlime kit, including a USB dongle, a RCM JIG module and a license of the OS software.

It allows you to play free games on your Switch, and it is compatible with all firmware versions and all regions. SX OS is a software license to install a CFW on your Switch console, it can run on any firmware version and region. Then it is compatible with the installation of Homebrews and the playback of backups of the game Switch on an SD card.

Once you have successfully installed the CFW SX OS on the console, you could enjoy both free games and new Hombrew features. Using a CFW SX OS, you can easily boot into the normal firmware of the Nintendo Switch to enjoy your original games, and it also support an OFW to run the games.

SX Pro + pre-install sd card to play more switch games for free

After we use the Xecuter SX Pro or SX OS to hack Nintendo Switch, and then downlaod the game rom or search game rom from Google,  but there are still may game roms can not be found from the internet, such as the newest switch games, but you can find all switch game roms from Falshcarda.com even the newest games, now customers can choose the SX Pro to work with the pre-install sd card, we support 128GB-16 Games, 200GB-25 Games, 256GB-35 Games, and 512GB-50 games. and we also support own game list, you can send your game list to [email protected] We will donwload the games to sd card.

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