I always wonder where RuneScape would be now if jagex had never eliminated trade. That hurt Runescape game. As did EoC/RS3. Without these 3 changed, RS will probably be the most popular MMO in the planet still today.Without removing free commerce, RS probably would have died. Credit card companies were near banning Jagex because there were so many illegal charges.There were other choices. Even Andrew Gower himself stated that if he could return in time, he’d have never made that call, and that it is his regret when it comes to Winrsgold RS Gold game. There were other ways to solve it.

I think people underestimate how important EoC was to a lesser extent, and is, its own original implementation was but Runescape game would be crap with no. Extremely happy it came, stayed, and is still worked to some degree.Why is it important? It pushed off a sizable chunk of this Runescape playerbase. Because battle wasn’t upgraded no one was leaving, since it was but tons left. It is one huge reason OSRS is indeed successful (even moreso than EoC nowadays ), since they essentially nullified each the terrible changes which were made from 2007 onward.

Since Runescape game was already massively stagnating and we would not have any of those pvm encounters that exist without it. Runescape may be less popular than older school, but it’s a better game due to EoC, and it goes to zero with no.

Since your look like someone who enjoys eoc I want to run an idea past you. (In my opinion eoc feels like talent spam, especially pre revo). Starting from pre eoc, what if rather than making it ability spam there was a smaller quantity of skills and they acted as steroids into your next attack, keeping attack speed (probably make defensive instant but delay your attack like eating). I am thinking maybe keep adrenaline, and thresholds but not most of the basic abilities but I’m not certain what was needed for all those bosses.

This could let them add the harm and usefulness abilities Runescape players will need for bossing, but would keep more of the classic rs texture while being disruptive to the community. Genuinely want to know whether it’s possible to see issues with that, I mostly play RS3 but I don’t do high level so I’m essentially asking for a check in case you know or do the directors that want eoc, bossing.

The whole combat system. Most supervisors strike a 4 match tick rate (2.4 moments ) which makes the whole thing feel “turn based” than pre eoc. I think calling it”crap” tries to suggest it seems just like pressing all the buttons all of the time and skills just fire as quickly as you can push buttons whenever they’re off cooldown, which is not really true.

If you prefer, you can think of all fighting as autoattacks (it is not, mostly because autos still exist individually, but run with me for a sec) where the ability you use next increases or reduces the damage based on if you used a stronger ability or a weaker ability. What you’re describing sounds more like a way because it is, compared to a change to the present system to wrap one’s head about EoC.

We’re at a stage where every thing is designed about ability usage. I guess at a certain point I don’t fully understand the system you are suggesting as it is today since I do know EoC. (Edit to say I hope this makes sense and that I don’t need to come off as shitty just expect that is educational, if you would like help with EoC or whatever runescapey feel free to pm me I’m far from perfect or high tier but that I know a fantastic deal about Runescape sport ).

Release eoc did feel as if skill spam to me personally, you cycle though a handful of abilities till you get adren for a brink pressing 12345 as a way of what’s off cooldown every 1.8s, I had been doing slayer to be fair so that’s how I felt at launch and that taste just kind of stuck

I am not implying by calling it junk to be apparent what you mentioned, but it kind of felt incorrect when a 2h started swinging 25% quicker than a scimmy. I would like to maintain weapon auto attack rate, since the base for the abilities speed therefore a scimm may use them quicker than a 2h, using eoc there’s not much reason to pick a faster weapon over a slower one afik, and eliminate most of the basic abilities that you only use for harm, or produce the cooldown much longer at least, so autos are used 90% of time and abilities used only when a boss needs stunned or bleed etc..

I am not 100% certain what’s needed but the idea began as utility steroids and only cooldowns as a more simple solution. Slower battle that sill looks turn based simple to comprehend, and something which works with the supervisors that are more recent but wouldn’t have been a disruption is the objective. Really it’s just interesting to muse about what other ways they might have achieved eoc.

RS2 got to a point where development was permanently stagnated. Design in the combat system that is pre-EoC overpowered and broken chaotics/overloads/turmoil / Nex armor, there wasn’t any method with no being cheesed by gamebreaking equipment, to have boss encounters. Tuning the amounts can only go up to now. If we wanted any semblance of new and advancement PvE content, something important had to alter about Runescape game.

We know eoc was implemented, but I think it was a significant shift that needed to happen. Revolution ought to have been contained in the start. The thing to me is its own death, and the PvP scene. I don’t see the wilderness couldn’t/can’t be like a game mode where its heritage and special attacks work. Probably cap gear’s tier you can earn, or even tweak the hp. This would alter the market for low tier things like gwd1. It would be a bit confusing, but I wonder whether that kind of thing was considered?

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