“Women are better leaders than men, says Barack Obama, former US President.” At a global level, 29% of the senior positions are being held by women.

In the history of mankind, we’re all being dominated by the brunt of the decisions made by strongmen leaders. But these are things of the past now, women have stood up with time making their identity known in the business world.

There’s a phrase that says, a business can only be as good as the people it hires. This saying is true in terms of growing startups and SMEs where the number of workers is considerably lower than those in larger organizations. Engaging with gender diversity is important for every organization, especially with the generation we’re associating with daily.

From the given infographic, we can see the number of women involvement in 2019.

  • 43% – Human Resource Director
  • 34% – Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • 20% – Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  • 18% – Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • 17% – Sales Director
  • 16% – Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • 15% – Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or a Managing Director
  • 14% – Corporate Controller
  • 07% – Partner
  • 03% – Others

Women in leadership roles are often neglected by most corporations. Women may not be perfect but they’re indisputably better than men.

Some barriers keep women from progressing in their careers, such as: –

  • 33% of women tend to fail in finding the time besides their core daily responsibilities
  • 23% fail being offered access to developmental work opportunities
  • Only 23% of women get accessibility to networking opportunities
  • 21% must take care of other responsibilities outside work
  • Merely 21% of women are willing to invest in developing their skills and education
  • 18% of women don’t have the kind of money to invest in upskilling

Do you think gender diversity should be promoted worldwide?

With a diversity of thinking, it is evident for organizations to come up with better business decisions. And for this, both the genders equal participation is required.  Women must undergo training as well as skill development.

Here’s what can be done and followed by women looking for senior leadership roles: –

  • Treat the term “leadership” as a tangible skill
  • Boost the visibility of role models
  • Engage with potential leaders
  • Pave a detailed career path toward a leadership role
  • Get connected and build a network

Additionally, women should start looking at the individual skill and get into training programs: –

  • For leadership training – 57%
  • Building confidence – 56%
  • Decision-making – 48%
  • Networking – 47%
  • Critical thinking – 46%

A study by the International Labour Organization, Geneva made a statement saying, women in business or senior leadership roles are better when it comes to business performance. The survey also came out with certain key factors that withhold women to take up leadership roles. For instance, in a startup “anytime” and “anywhere” availability – such phrases didn’t quite help retain women in leadership positions.

Not long ago, the idea of women ruling the world seemed absurd. But those were things of the past. In recent times, things have turned up quite well even for women in leadership positions. But that’s not to say that every nook and corner of the world welcomes women into handling leadership roles. Eventually, women will get there someday.





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