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Why Study at Xinjiang Medical University ?

Xinjiang medical university was established in the year 1956. It is located in the People’s Republic of China. The university’s curriculum put special emphasis on linguistics, management and medicine. The university offers 25 branches of specialisation in under graduation and there are around 17 specialities for the education of academics. The university can proudly boast of around 50,000 students who have taken education in the university so far. In the year 2010, around 13000 students took admission in the university with a record of 5000 students getting registered in teaching positions at different places.

Structure of the University

The University has 8 allied and medical colleges. The names of those colleges are Vocational College, continuing Education College, nurses Training College, Pharmacy College, basic Medical Sciences College, traditional medicine college, Public Health College, and the medical college. The university can manage around 40 clinical positions at all the centres that are affiliated by the University. At the affiliated hospitals, the facilities included are a 7-year program for postgraduate students, internship placements for PhD students, clinical teaching and supervision of the students of international background.

The Faculty Members

The faculty members of the university around 1500. Out of them, there are more than a thousand professors including assistant professors. If we talk about the other staff members, it accounts for almost 5000 employees employed by the University. The university also has around 400 staff members in supervision, masters and doctorate students.

The Huge Campus

The campus offers many buildings that were built in the last durations of the Russian era in the region. The campus has been modernized and updated along with the International standards. You can get everything including training centres, libraries, canteens, etc. The Laboratories that are in the universities are fully active and the students can perform different experiments. The Laboratories have modern processing systems of bio information.

The Library

The library of the university was established in the year 1995 that now has an area of the 16000-metre square and it has more than 1 million books. The university provides around 1500 journals and periodicals that are not only available in the Chinese but also other languages. Which university is also connected to partners Harvard Medical international’s database of library. The library can accommodate around 2500 students for reading and more than 350 students can access the electronic library.

Multi Storeyed Library

There are six storeys in the library. The first floor is for the purpose of the main reading. It also has the arrangement of anti-theft system entry that is computed, electronic LCDs and the counters for main lending and borrowing for the students. The second floor of the library is dedicated to the books of foreign languages and the department concerning its details. The third floor of the library is for newspapers, Western medicine, journals, Social Sciences, and best Chinese medicine. The fourth floor of the library is for the books of Chinese and western literature and the reference books of foreign languages. The fifth floor of the library is meant for the control room of the online book database and medical e-library centre for Harvard University. The sixth floor of the library is meant for the office of the librarian and it is also used for the purpose of arranging conferences. There is a conference room there. All the floors have a dedicated central area for reading and the sixth and fifth flowers are specially designed for doctoral students for performing their thesis reading. The university is the ideal destination to study MBBS in China.

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