Students from across the world pursues higher education in countries like United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore and many other countries offering good education facilities to student. Majority of the students from Asia participates in universities across these major countries, with a view to achieve good learning and ultimately better job. However a major trend evident among most of the international students is the rate of their struggle as compared to their peer counterparts. There are many reasons which put these international students into a situation of a struggle during their college life. The important obstacles that necessitate an extra level of attention on the part of students’ learning are discussed as follows:

A completely new environment: It is completely a new environment for the students seeking to study in universities abroad. Adjusting in a new environment is difficult and extra level of pressure to perform makes it really difficult for them to manage their academics. A supportive environment is therefore essential on the part of university lecturers in order to help international students to adjust in the international environment and do the assignments perfectly.

English as Second Language: This is another major obstacle in front of majority of the international students particularly from Asia. English is there second language which makes it difficult for them to understand and to address the requirements of universities in these countries. They lack of command over English often makes it essential for them to indulge into practices that are against the university guidelines. This ultimately impact their overall learning and development despite studying in top rated universities across these countries.

Difference in Study Pattern: The difference in study pattern is also a major barrier for the international students in successfully completing in the international environment. The study pattern that they have followed in their home country is different from what their faces in the international environment. As a result, they find it difficult to successfully comply with the requirements of universities and therefore needs additional support from lecturers.

Because of these major difficulties to international students, they need additional level of support from the lecturers and university staff in order to complete their higher education perfectly. There must be someone to act as Student Life Saviour for them so that they can complete their academic tasks perfectly.

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