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why i would love to live in canada

Why  i would love to live in canada:

Canada, in my view, is one of the best countries in the world. it’s better than Pakistan i must say.here is no pollution and the environment is safe and healthy to grow up.

It has world’s best universities like university of Toronto but the problem is that the university fees is way to much lyk 1 lac per semester? its too much for a person who is aiming to study in Canada. from my point of view there should be no fee.. yes not at all..because after that many people would then apply in these big universities.

If they can’t do this they should bring the amount down..Germany have brilliant universities and the reason why more people apply there because they have no uni fees.There are lots of amusement parks and recreational centres which Pakistan, sadly,donot have. i would like to live in Canada forever and ever but my intentions are to benefit Pakistan from whatever i will,or, going to learn there. And inshallah, one day i am going to make Pakistan equal or much better than Canada in educational standards.

pakistan zindabad!

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