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Why girls should study?

A father asks his daughter
Study?Why should you study?
I have sons aplenty who can study.
Girl,why should you study?
For my dreams to take flight,I must study.
Knowledge brings new light,so I must study
For the battles I must fight,I must study
Because I am a girl,I must study.
To fight men’s violence,I must study
To end my silence,I must study
To challenge patriarchy I must study
To demolish all hierarchy,I must study.
Because I am a girl, I must study .
To mold a faith I can trust,I must study
To make laws that are just,I must study
To sweep centuries of dust,I must study
Because I am a girl,I must study.
To know right from wrong,I must study.
To find a voice that is strong,I must study
To write feminist songs I must study
To make a world where girls belong,I must study
Because I am a girl,I must study.
Note:Beautiful words that I just found and thought it was mandatory to share and hence I wrote them here.These are exactly all the reasons for which a girl should gain an education equivalent to that gained by boys.Share it as much as you can to enlighten people and I truly hope that soon there is gender equality in all societies and work fields.


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