Kids today are growing up in an altogether different world than the one we knew. Depending on the decade you were born, the internet was either unheard of or difficult to access. Today, everything you need can be accessed within seconds from your phone, but the unintended consequence of the information age is that our children are losing social skills and being driven by instant gratification.

Too Much Screen Time Could Lead to Behavioral Issues

Before social media played such a prominent part in our lives, we used to make friends easily and quickly. Now, kids rarely care about making friends in person as they are glued to mobile screens. It’s not entirely their fault because, as parents, we’ve permitted this to happen. Many kids under the age of six years have their own smartphones, and studies have shown that too much screen time could lead to a range of issues, including lack of focus, anxiety, and even depression. It also impairs cognitive development, leads to hyperactivity, and can increase emotional and behavioral problems in children.

Boundaries Make Children Happy

On the other hand, research suggests that kids with restricted access to screen time are the happiest. Kids who are more inclined toward direct and in-person communication are relaxed, content, and disciplined. Of course, you should not completely keep them away from phones given the fact that there’s so much to learn and explore, but it’s important to administer some form of control and enforce a routine.

How Can We Entice Kids Away from Their Phone?

One of the best alternatives is registering for a summer institute for kids. A summer camp has been a traditional getaway for kids for decades. It offers plenty of opportunities to build self-confidence and self-esteem. Children get to learn new skills and discover unique interests. They can learn pottery, robotics, gardening, gaming, and so much more. If your children are interested in music and drama, how about signing them up for piano lessons or introducing them to Shakespearean theater?

Summer camps are becoming increasingly popular. The younger generation of parents has learned from the mistakes of their parents. They want their kids to be more independent, handle rejections, make new friends, and develop empathy. And a summer camp is the easiest way to achieve all of this and more! The best part of summer camp is that it will give your children a reason to disconnect from their phones and gain essential life skills.

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