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WHM Reseller Hosting: Enhance Your Web Space Retail Business

If you’re after a more marketable business, you should definitely not just focus on the marketing end. You should also make sure that you have the most up to date and sellable software installed in your system. This is why if you’re a reseller, you should be able to offer a plethora of hot features through your WHM reseller hosting account.

WHM reseller hosting are sought after by many resellers, precisely because they are easy to use and easy to customize. A WHM reseller hosting would enable you to avail of the many flexible features that come with cPanel, another web management-related program that is popular among people who are in the industry of buying and selling web space.

Incidentally, WHM reseller hosting – the simply and aptly named Web Hosting Management – is a proprietary software that was developed by Cpanel.net, the same company that made cPanel. cPanel is a popular web panel which makes use of a graphical interface to give users access to various functions… similar to the way Windows Explorer on an “icons” display setting would show a computer user the many things that the operating system (OS) can do.

The one thing that experienced webmasters seek is the ease of use and security afforded by programs that take different “techie” backgrounds into consideration. The simpler, the better, as we say. And what’s simpler than a graphical representation of a program’s features? Cpanel, and WHM by association, may bear striking similarities to the vastly popular Windows file management system, but the interesting thing is, they were initially designed to perform on a Linux environment.

Running a Linux server is beneficial to many web hosts, because running on an open source operating system is often viewed – and rightly so – as cost-efficient. Not all programs that run on Linux are non-proprietary – that is, free even for commercial use under certain circumstances – but licenses for programs made for open source OS are still seen as cheaper.

Regardless of the nature of its license, a program running on a Linux server must also be able to accommodate the needs of Windows users, and this is where the graphical interface of cPanel and WHM comes in. WHM reseller hosting is ideal and practical for many web hosts to offer, and if you happen to be a reseller shopping for web space, it would be to your advantage to give this particular feature a chance. Look into every tool that is well-reported by the web-savvy populace to be able to make your web space distribution tasks easier.

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