There are at least 20 coronavirus vaccines. They will all be checked in a series of experiments that will take between 1 to 2 years. That way, none have been checked yet. It takes time for those things! Sorry folks but this is how it works. Write off this subject for at least until January 2021, and maybe until August 2021. Even then, it could not happen. Such vaccines could all prove bad for us.


This is what you need to learn most. We don’t have any drugs and if any is around August 2020, the earliest drugs will arrive. There is only 1 drug being tested and it was well into the medical process in January 2020. This is another not going to happen any time soon.


There’s no spot for treatment!


As a consequence grooming is the only thing you have. Spend the time learning how to wash your hands, clean your home, your school, your workplace. Learn to tell others that they too can keep clean! This is a time for the social rules that somehow got crushed for the last 32 years before President Trump Administration etc are in fact agents who are demoralizing and destroying society. They are the ones trying to make sure nothing works.


The defense against COVID-19 is a basic response to human behavior. As a culture, we need to come together and avoid anti-social actions. We need to shut up the yellers and screamers who call out that you support the president and so on to save our neighborhoods. Those people who waste their time attempting to “expose” every “under” of the Trump administration etc are in fact demoralizing agents


Today I’ve got a lady who wanted to say there was because NYT claimed there was a shortage of COVID-19 exams. Like checking has everything to do with washing your hands of what you should be doing! The NYT still plays the position of people’s enemy. New York is no short of researching COVID-19. New York is short of people willing to realize their civic duty to be clean! There has been no shortage of COVID-19 tests for a week (today is 3/12/2020) NYT is lying! She was in a hurry to claim President Trump wasn’t helping. She thought it was her duty to fail to realize there is nothing the President can do except talk Hygiene at this time. President Trump’s actions have been fabulous.


Now if you want to live









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