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What Paperwork Do You Need to Scrap a Car?

One million cars are scrapped every single day. This tells us a lot about the vehicle scrapping industry! Car Scrapping Companies are also known as Cash for Cars and Car Removals offers many advantages to Car Sellers. They make the sale of Unwanted Car streamlined, fast, and hassle-free in several ways.

In simple words, now you can’t say that your old cars are a burden. These agencies of cash for cars in Sydney make it easier to dispose of your vehicle, do it in a way that gives you some hard cash instantly. But there are a few things that you should consider first include:  

  • Always choose a reputable company that offers you a fair price for your Unwanted Cars.
  • Make sure the company makes use of secure payment options. 
  • Choose a Car Removals Company with Competitive Cash for Cars Rates.
  • Consider cash for scraps Cars Company that offers car removals. 

One of these ways includes providing essential paperwork plays a vital role. It will help you get a great amount of cash in return.  

Let’s consider paperwork and details car owners must provide when selling their vehicle to Cash for Cars Company:

During selling your scrap vehicle, you must provide certain documents to Cash for Cars Company. Namely, these are:

  • Your Photo ID such as Driver’s License
  • Your Vehicles Ownership Papers
  • Your Vehicle’s Title

V5C Registration Certificate:

V5C is known as Logbook. If you have your vehicle V5C certification, you should ensure that you have this ready for when your scrap vehicle is collected. But if you don’t have then you should let know your buyer because in Sydney cash for cars companies can collect without this, some companies cannot.


The V5C/3 is the yellow slip from your vehicle registration document, and you must present this when looking to scrap your car. Also, ensure you keep your receipt from the Authorized Treatment Facility (ATF), you’ll need each of these documents to scrap your car. 

Personal Identification:

When scrapping a car, whether you have the V5C document or not. It is necessary to provide all your identities to cater to the legal requirements such as Id proof, driving license, passport, etc. 

Certificate of Destruction

When your car has been successfully scrapped, the ATF will send you a Certificate of Destruction (COD) by post. You’ll receive it within seven days of scrapping, proving your vehicle has been disposed of. Only an ATF can issue this type of document.

The proof of vehicle purchase

There is a rare situation when you may provide original proof of purchase for the vehicle. But you have complete proof that you are the owner of your car. At some point, they may request the original bill of sale for the vehicle. If there’s any doubt about you being the car’s owner, sometimes an HPI check will be carried out. Moreover, if you don’t have any documents, then there will typically be a charge if this is necessary.

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