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What is the data and how valuable it is to us.

Data is considered to be any file containing information. Data is the photos, music files, texts and everything we have created or downloaded from the internet. Some of our data are unique, and so valuable. Files that we can easily recover are of secondary importance. Photos can not be recreated and are invaluable. Also, data that we have gathered with difficulty is valuable to everyone. For example, a teacher may have gathered in digital form all the work of his students. Although this data can be rebuilt, it would take a lot of time and effort.

Generally, the value of the data everyone maintains depends on the scarcity and the difficulty of creating the files, for example your graduate work. How can I lose my laptop data? The main reason that you may lose your data at some point is the lack of backup. That is, the process of copying your files to another storage medium. It is important that you maintain a duplicate copy of your files and update it at regular intervals, even if your laptop is new. Keep in mind that hard drives generally have a limited lifespan. The chart shows some interesting facts. In some ways, we can predict the life of a disk. These figures are reliable as the statistical sample comes from 50,000 discs from various companies such as Hitachi, Seagate and Western Digital.

More analytically, it shows that 1 in 20 hard drives will spoil within the first 1.5 years of buying your laptop. The key point is the 3 years where a mechanical disk gets a high failure rate. Beyond that, the chances of spoiling multiply each year. So within four years, 4 out of 20 discs will spoil. In 7 years only half of the records will be operational. If you have not made a copy of your data and your laptop has been over 3 years, we suggest that you proceed immediately to a backup process. Even better, you can bring your laptop and an external drive, install an automatic backup system. So, at fixed intervals, this will automatically copy your files from the laptop to your external drive.


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