Mobile has become everyone’s breathe. It’s next to impossible to imagine a life without mobile. When more or less anyone’s life depends on mobile then it is expected that the device should function properly. No one would prefer to hold the faulty device. Still, there are few related issues that that’s unavoidable with the passing age of the mobile. Many of such issues are homely repairable. Most of the people believe stepping in the mobile repair and service centre as soon as possible without giving a trial at home. Whereas, few applies their basic knowledge at first hand in home. But, there are few problems in mobiles which when occurs can be given first trial at home.

  1. Widespread bugs: – This issue may occur randomly and in more than one app so it’s get tough to point out a single cause for it. There can be various reasons such as upgrade didn’t work properly, overheated, or any of the hardware components fails. Simply the old style of switching off the mobile can be tried be first hand. This act clears out the things hold at mobile’s temporary memory. Lack of auto storage also causes bugs and crashes. It is advisable to keep check in for the free room in a device. Overcrowding results to many issues. A mobile can be reset completely on factory setting.
  2. Battery life: – In almost all the mobile the battery is a problem. When the charge in the battery drops easily before the expected time then it signals of old age of the battery. To extend battery life temporarily, dim the brightness of the displayer, and keep the mobile in airplane mode for duration. It is observed that the location tracking results in draining the battery easily. It is advisable to switch it off.
  3. Poor reception: – This is the most common problem heard by many. It’s not every time the phone’s fault if you are facing network issues, or unable to connect to the Wi-Fi. We can easily place a call to internet service provider. They have better knowledge of the specific mobile defects. Reboot the mobile and this will reset all the wire connection to establish them from the starting. If u fail in both the reset and updating then you are left with no more home repair solutions.
  4. Cutting sim card: – Nowadays, mostly every mobile is dual sim but it may be possible that the size may vary. Literally, it seems easy to fit the sim card but it really need good vision to get it in the right way. When it’s turn for cutting the sim to smaller size, it looks an easy job to carry with but rarely does it work out perfectly. So, it is advisable to take it to the mobile phone repair and service for they use their specific tool to cut it in the required size.
  5. Smashed phone: – Dropping the mobile phone is a regular act vision every time. And this act mostly results in smashing the screen. The damage can be small bearable, or it can be large stretched all over the display. When it’s time to replace the screen it can be accepted at home repairs if your hand-eye coordination supports your skill for it. Online instructions or the assisted guidelines from the related book can be helpful. But, in the end when it seems out of your capability, then don’t hesitate to take the phone to the repairing experts.If it is badly smashed then you must go to Mobile Phone Repair & Services.

Above, are the few listed common damage and their preferred repairs at home. But, it is always advisable to extend your repair hand to limit and get your device attended by an expert beyond a limit.


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