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In the previous post, we touched upon what is possibly holding you back from starting on your transformation journey. However, before you actually take the step towards change, it is highly necessary to first understand what transformation means to you?

Of course you could be thinking why do I need to know that?

When watching any sport, do you think the game becomes much more exciting when you are supporting a particular team or individual? While aficionados of a sport may enjoy the occasional neutral game, the whole sport becomes that much more interesting when you want a particular side to win.

Now think of a soldier when he is fighting for his country. The soldiers in an army may come from different backgrounds, have different personalities and may even not get along with each other. But when they are fighting for a cause, a common cause, they all unite for that moment and are really able to rise above and beyond their duty.

To understand what you are fighting for, to know why you are supporting a cause enables us stay the course. It creates mental strength and makes the cause a part of our daily lives. Unfortunately when it comes to fitness, most of us are able to make a start but to stay the course is almost always difficult. No wonder most studies show getting fit is the most broken New Year resolution in the entire world. It means the world over, people promise themselves this year I will work on my physical health but are never able to keep that promise to them.

This is the reason understanding yourself, your reason for transformation is so vital. Mind you transformation is a broad concept. It could mean any number of things. It means something else to each one of us.

For some people, it may simply mean feeling fit. It may mean overcoming fatigue or chronic tiredness.

For others, it could mean a complete physical transformation with a bulkier body frame, toned muscles and chiselled jawline.

On the other hand, there are those that want a synergy between their mind, body and soul. They want their physical and mental self to complement each other and feed of one another.

It does not matter in what category you fall under. What matters that you understand, truly recognize the category that you belong. Know why you want a transformation in the first place. Understanding your inner self will help transform your physical body. It will give you the much needed boost that one requires to start a fitness regime and actually stay with it till it becomes second nature. It is only then that you will find a genuine change, where you start enjoying the journey and the destination becomes just an excuse.

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