Key points to Rank your App Higher on Play Store.

  1. Picking the right set of keywords: Once you have addressed the above questions, the next step is to brainstorm the keywords for your app – it could be anything which is relevant to the application and its features. Some of the important points to remember for keyword optimization are:-> Find the highly searched keywords but not particularly the competitive ones. If your application is similar to some of the popular apps already in existence, use their names as well in the description of your app.

    -> You can do it with a keyword suggestions tool – for example, TheTool.

    ->A study by SENSOR TOWER reveals that the optimal number of times to repeat a keyword in an app store product page is five; this will maximize the likelihood of ranking for that particular keyword.

  2. Choose a Suitable App Name: Having an attractive and unique name of your app isn’t just for the purpose of branding. To get better results with ASO, include all the pertinent keywords in the title itself because it’s the name that will heavily affect the app store search results.
  3. App Description: There are two types of description required for an application: a short and a long description. As far as the short description is concerned, you have a character limit of 80 characters and you are required to include all your keywords in this. Make sure you describe the core functionality of your app in this so that the users are clear about what they are downloading.Next is the long description which is of a maximum of 4000 characters. Keywords play a dominant role in the long description as well, but never repeat a keyword more than five times. However, most users only read the first few lines of your description and so it’s highly important to make it very interesting and captivating for engrossing their minds to read further. Also, try to accommodate all the relevant information in these lines itself and spend time coming up with an engaging lead to your description.
  4. App Ratings: The role played by app ratings is very crucial. The higher the ratings of your app, more are the chances of its higher ranking.
    For better ratings, your app must be of good quality. Some important points to prevent bad reviews on your app are:-> Have an email address where your users can reach you for their complaints and queries.

    -> Have a website for support.

    -> Have frequent up-gradations to your app.

    -> Rectify the bugs in your app.

    -> Always ask for a second review after you have solved their issues.

  5. Screenshots and Promo Video: Your screenshots must highlight the best features of your app and must supplement your app description. This will help you to engross downloaders who don’t prefer reading texts.In the Google play store, you can attach a maximum of 8 screenshots. However, only the first two to three screenshots will appear in the gallery, so make sure your first two or three screenshots are highly enthralling so that it drives the potential users to look for more of them.
  6. App Uninstalls: It’s not just reviews and ratings of the app that reflects its quality, but also the quantum of users who stop using your application. It’s also a matter of fact that the Google play store tracks the app uninstallation rates in order to assess the quality of an application.
  7. Buy App Marketing Services: All the above steps are if you follow them correctly you will get the results you want but if still, you are not getting results that you want you can try some paid services which will your app a boost. You can buy services like:-> Buy Keyword Install,

    -> Buy App Installs,

    -> Buy App Reviews,

    -> Buy App Ratings.

    These services will definitely help your app to reach higher on Google Play Store. If you asking me I tried ASOeShop and CPIDroid for these types of services, I start using them around 3 years ago and I have promote so many apps for my clients. You can also try these two websites.

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