There is a saying that ‘Prevention Is Better than Cure’ and during this pandemic of COVID-19, it should be the mantra for everyone. Since there is no vaccine or other medication available for the disease, the only way to stay away from the clutches of the disease is prevention.

Various types of preventive measures are being suggested by the health experts and doctors to prevent the problem of the coronavirus epidemic. Adhering to these measures will help in keeping you safe and keeping you away from the deadly disease.

To know what are the preventive measures that you have to follow for keeping yourself from coronavirus.

Wear a mask

It is important that you wear a mask whenever you go out or venture into the market or other spots. Though the virus is not airborne, it can get transmitted via mucus or droplets that can fly after sneezing and coughing by an infected person.

Since they are the carriers of the virus, covering your face and mouth with mask will prevent the virus from entering your system and make you infected.

Avoid touching your face and eyes

All human beings have a habit of touching the face and eyes repeatedly throughout the day for no reason or other. In this situation of the pandemic, you have to refrain from this habit entirely.

Since the virus can stay on the surfaces of various objects for a long time, touching those areas can transmit the virus on your hand and then can eventually enter your body through eyes and face when you touch them.

Maintain social distancing

One of the key prevention measures for COVID-19 is maintaining social distance. It reduces the chances for infection contagiousness as keep distance from each other can restrict the virus in the droplets from traveling from person to another.

It is also necessary so that you don’t come in contact with an infected person since it can easily transmit through touch. Staying at home and interacting least with the outside world will help in preventing the disease from affecting you.

Wash your hand and use a sanitizer

Washing your hands at frequent intervals or after coming back from outdoors is one of the most important preventive measures against coronavirus infection. Wash your hands with a disinfectant soap for at least 20-30 seconds thoroughly before doing any activity in the house.

In case you are outdoors, then use a sanitizer after touching any surface that can possibly contain the virus. By doing the above things, you will be able to keep away the disease of coronavirus away from you.

Seek medical attention

Though in many cases, symptoms of the disease are not visible in the initial stages, but if you are having signs like running nose, cough, and fever persistently, which is not reducing, then contact emergency service. The local medical team dealing with the epidemic will come and do your testing.

Even if the test comes negative, you will be asked to stay in isolated quarantine for 14-15 days so that the risk of disease can be prevented.

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