To monitor the operation of their sites, many webmasters use different tools. This often gives a good result, but is not a practical solution. The best option is to use one multifunctional tool. Such features are implemented on the


What does HostTracker offer?

This is a multifunctional tool with the help of which you can get statistics about your sites automatically:

  • Availability check (we check availability of your site from 140+ locations through HTTP, ICMP(ping), SMTP, SNMP, TCP; content monitoring.
  • Black Lists (check if your domain/ip is listed in one of the known black lists with the DNSBL feature).
  • Instatnt Alerts (get notified of problems through SMS, Email, SKYPE, Hangouts or Voice Call).
  • Google ads managment (auto-pause your Google Ads if your website is down or start if it is up).
  • Domain & SSL check (domain and security certificate expiration monitoring).
  • Response Time Pagespeed monitor (you definitely want to know your website response time behavior and pagespeed load).
  • Detailed reports (get detailed statistics and reports in PDF, CSV or XML format; error snapshotting).
  • CPU, RAM, HDD Load (get a glance at your server load parameters).

How it works?

You register on and get 30 days of free access to the site’s tools. You can connect monitoring up to 100 url. Select the desired indicator and enter the website URL, after that the statistics of the site will be collected automatically.



If you want to keep abreast of changes on your site, then you can connect notifications. They will come to your email or messenger (Skype, Telegram, etc.) when critical changes occur. This is true when the server crashes, slows down the page loading speed and other situations.


24/7 support

HostTrecker offers round-the-clock support to its customers. You can get professional advice from experts regarding the monitoring of your site’s performance.


More useful tools for webmasters

Here, every webmaster can get a wide range of tools. The service is not limited to monitoring sites. You can manage your advertising company, connect notifications about the expiration date of a domain or SSL certificate, check the site for blacklists and much more.

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