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VMware Certified Associate 6 — Cloud Management and Automation Fundamentals

Increase more prominent validity while talking about distributed computing, the business challenges the vCloud Suite is intended to address, and how sending VMware Cloud arrangements address those difficulties. You’ll have the capacity to characterize distributed computing and apply Cloud Computing and VMware item highlights and parts to help fathom the Elasticity, Efficiency, Availability, and Management difficulties of an on-preface cloud foundation.

  • Exam Number: 1V0–603
  • Duration: 75 Minutes
  • Associated Certification: VCA6-CMA
  • Number of Questions: 50
  • Passing Score: 300
  • Recommended Training: VMware Cloud Fundamentals Validated Against: vCloud Suite
  • Exam Price: $48 USD, More on Pricing
  • Exam Languages: English
  • First Available Appointment: 14 April 2015
  • Format: Single and Multiple Choice, Non-Proctored, Online

Surely understood security specialists disentangle the most difficult part of distributed computing security Cloud figuring takes into consideration both expansive and little associations to have the chance to utilize Internet-based administrations with the goal that they can decrease start-up costs, bring down capital consumptions, utilize benefits on a compensation as-you-utilize premise, get to applications just as required, and rapidly lessen or increment limits. In any case, these advantages are joined by a bunch of security issues, and this significant book handles the most widely recognized security challenges that distributed computing faces. The creators offer you years of unparalleled mastery and information as they examine the amazingly difficult subjects of information possession, security assurances, information portability, nature of administration and administration levels, transmission capacity costs, information insurance, and support. As the most present and finish manual for helping you discover your way through a labyrinth of security minefields, this book is compulsory perusing on the off chance that you are associated with any part of distributed computing. Scope Includes: Cloud Computing Fundamentals Cloud Computing Architecture Cloud Computing Software Security Fundamentals Cloud Computing Risks Issues Cloud Computing Security Challenges Cloud Computing Security Architecture Cloud Computing Life Cycle Issues Useful Next Steps and Approaches. The VMware Cloud Fundamentals course will give you a crucial comprehension of VMware’s Cloud items; including the business challenges those items are proposed to explain.


There are three modules in this course.

In module 1, we will characterize the sorts of Cloud processing and talk about the difficulties related with them.

In module 2, we will depict VMware’s Cloud items, highlights, and segments.

At long last,

In module 3 we wrap things up by helping you relate the items, highlights, and segments to the difficulties they are proposed to determine.

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Good Luck.

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