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Virtual Internship: The Future Learning Dynamics!

With the dynamic changes taking place across the globe as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, businesses are re-thinking their strategies to make way through this Covid-19 world. The learning environment, as well, has been primarily impacted by this unprecedented time.  

The organizations have made a drastic shift to a remote working environment to keep the business running efficiently and similarly learning dynamics as well have transitioned to digital learning programs. Virtual internships are one of these!  

To ensure that you develop a perfect virtual internship program, we bring you some of the best tips that will support you in providing a holistic experience to your candidates: 

Key Measures to Be Considered While Developing A Virtual Internship Program 

Opt for an Effective Online Collaboration Tool both 

It is very significant that you and your interns have a common platform in place to share documents and work collaboratively. Identifying the right collaboration platform will enable you to establish a well-defined process that will allow you to discuss agenda, give updates, have regular check-ins, and align work accordingly.  

This online communication tool will not just benefit you to clearly define your expectations but also act as a guide to your interns to instantly connect with you in case of any concerns.  

Assign an Internship Mentor  

Yes, the technology always has your back, but the in-person guide and support are still critical to make a virtual internship program a success. Ensure that the mentors should be actively looking at every aspect of the internship right from communicating with interns regularly to guiding them to collaborate and execute their tasks seamlessly.  

Offer Practical Experience  

In a virtual internship, your interns may not have the opportunity to shadow your employees and learn.  But you can offer them case studies, simulations, branching scenarios, and so on to experience working practically. You can also set up online training programs that will allow them to grow and perform better in the journey. The mentors assigned to them can support and collect the feedback after the session to determine if the training was impactful. These training programs will further act as refreshers once the interns are well versed in training. 

Flexible Internship Schedule 

You may be following a traditional schedule for your interns so as to comply with their academic calendar. However, the scenario now is completely different due to the impact of pandemic all over the world. Not just businesses but academic institutions as well have made a transition to digital learning.  

This is where a flexible internship schedule will help your interns to join the program according to their preferences. You can divide them into batches and offer flexibility by altering the duration of the internship based on the circumstances.  

Conduct Assessments Consistently  

Assessments are a very critical part of internships as they enable you to know where your interns stand in terms of knowledge and capabilities. Pre-assessment and interviews support you in identifying how well they know about the subject, which will, in turn, help you in assigning them to the right team. If the organization is using an HRMS software then the whole tracking process can be managed by that which will be accessible by both interns & mentors. 

Similarly, the post-training assessments will analyze the performance and growth of your interns based on which you can further develop your plan of action.  

Final Words 

Just as work from home or remote working has become the new normal for most of the organizations, e-internship or virtual internship has emerged to break the barrier and create a new learning environment for interns. Probably the new normal is still evolving, and all we need to do is constantly learning to embrace as it comes! 

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