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Various Meters Used in Custody Transfer Metering System

Custody transfer is a crucial application used for flow measurement. Custody transfer metering systems offer loads of advantages including high accuracy and reliability. A variety of flow measurement technologies are used in custody transfer systems. Let us take a look at various meters used for custody transfer:

1. Turbine Flowmeters

Turbine flowmeters are considered ideal for the high-speed flow of low viscosity fluids which are clean and steady. Turbine flow meters have been around for quite a while now and are considered indispensable to custody transfer metering systems for ages. The first-ever turbine flow meter was made by a German engineer named Reinhard Woltman in the year 1790. The turbine flowmeter is more cost-effective as compared to other flowmeters. It has a considerable cost advantage, especially in cases when numerous differential flow meters can be replaced with just one turbine meter. Turbine meters are of various types, but a majority of those used for gas flow measurement is called axial meters.

2. Differential Pressure Flow Meters (DP Flowmeters)

Differential flow meters also known as DP flowmeters are an important part of liquid and gas metering systems. Consisting of a differential pressure meter and a primary element, the DP flowmeter is used for custody transfer of natural gas in order to measure the flow of gas, liquid, and steam.

3. Positive Displacement Flowmeters

Positive displacement flowmeters are also called PD flowmeters. This flowmeter is commonly used in liquid and gas metering systems. These are not only used for custody transfer of natural gas, but also of commercial and industrial water. One of the major advantages of using a positive displacement flowmeter is that it works for a variety of flow speeds. Whether you use it for highly viscous flows or low flows, it performs pretty well. Positive displacement flowmeters have been approved by numerous regulatory bodies.

4. Ultrasonic Flowmeters

First introduced in the year 1963 by Tokyo Keiki which is now known as Tokimec in Japan, ultrasonic flowmeters have been crucial to custody metering systems. Owing to their high turndown capability and almost zero pressure drop these flowmeters are highly preferred, especially for crude oil custody transfer metering systems. Besides, crude oil production are also used for various other applications such as transportation and processing. Over the past few years both ultrasonic flowmeters and Coriolis flowmeters have gained immense popularity. Since ultrasonic systems do not have any moving parts, pressure drop gets reduced by a significant margin. Coriolis systems have been around for about 2 decades and offer high reliability.

If you have more questions about fiscal metering and custody transfer or other custody transfer systems, feel free to write into us.

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