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Using Virtual Reality to Enhance Product Design

According to Fortune research, Virtual Reality is all set to generate a revenue of $150 billion by 2020. According to Piper Jaffrey, around 500 million headsets will be sold by 2025

According to Neilson’s research, the awareness for virtual reality devices increased from 28% in 2016 to 51% in 2017.

The rising demand for VR headsets is an indication that companies are using Virtual Reality (VR) technology to accelerate business growth. The use of Virtual Reality technology is also visible in product design and manufacturing. Traditionally businesses followed iterative product analysis that leads to a delay in product development. Businesses can use VR to create a computer-generated environment for simulating manufacturing processes or product designing and accelerate product development cycles. Oodles Technologies AR VR apps developers receive requests for VR apps that enhance product design and manufacturing processes. We provide AR VR app development services using technologies like SparkAR and ViewVR.
Let’s find out what benefits Virtual Reality can offer in product design and manufacturing.

Enhances Design: Virtual Reality uses a computer and other visual technologies to provide a virtual environment for product development. The technology reduces the time spent on iterations in product designing. VR provides intuitive ways to accelerate product designing in industries. Using Virtual Reality technology manufacturers and clients can thoroughly study the design and evaluate it from a holistic point of view. The technology is highly beneficial in the designing of products in industries where there is no scope for errors. The technology enables manufacturers to more accurately depict and create immersive 3D models. Designing engineers with the help of immersive technologies can view their models from different angles to get a better understanding of it.

NASA to design the space shuttle created a life-sized model of the ship with wood and plastic. Creating a virtual model enables the research team to accelerate their project and its completion.

Facilitates Collaboration Of Designers: Virtual Reality facilitates collaboration between the designers. It uses the floor and wall projections to enable designers to collaborate within the unique space. The technology enables product engineers from across the globe to work in collaboration with engineers at different locations. The innovative collaboration of teams not only saves time but money as well. Virtual Reality Application development can enable product engineers to collaborate with outer engineers from across the globe.

VR Product Modeling: VR accelerates product designing by providing product models to the engineers that are close to reality. Product engineers can save themselves from critical thinking of designing a product. Also, with the current 3D and 4D model visuals, designers can evaluate any drawbacks before a product is made. In case of discrepancies changes in the design can be made before the completion of the product design.

Product designing is difficult and requires critical understanding. Product engineers look after various designing aspects to present designs that accomplish every demand of the consumers. VR can play an essential role in the design of products. It is used by architects or real estate businesses to present a virtual model in front of their clients.

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