These days many people suffer from baldness, and then they look out for ways to look normal and more confident. There are several options available for this, but the only permanent solution to baldness is hair transplant. 

Hair Transplant is a procedure in which the hair  follicles are taken from a donor site, usually the back of the head where the hair more resistant to hormonal changes, and then placed in areas of baldness.

Types of hair transplant 

1 ) Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT):

In this type of transplant, a strip of scalp is surgically taken from the back of the head, which is then stitched back. The strip is then dissected into individual grafts which are implanted into the desired area (recpient site) to achieve natural looking hair growth.

2 ) Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

In this method of transplant, individual grafts are taken by cutting out holes in the scalp with the help of small special instruments. This process is comparatively more time-consuming but less painless, once the numbing injections are given.

A single session can take up to four hours or more. Once the procedure is complete, the stitches will be removed 10 days after the surgery

The best hair transplant doctors in Turkey suggests it may require up to three or four sessions to achieve the full head of hair. Sessions are done over several months, so that after each transplant, the head is fully healed.

The best hair transplant specialists in Turkey, have listed some common side effects of hair transplant surgery.


After the transplant is done one will expect that their hair will grow and will eventually become thicker, but to their surprise, they have to deal with hair fall first. This process is normal and known as shedding. The new growth is actually visible after 3-4 months.


This is the most common side effect,  experienced by a number of patients after the hair transplant. This typically happens due to the formation of scabs at the site. It can be treated by spraying the solution over the graft and by using medicated shampoo to clean the scalp.

3 ) CYSTS:

The cysts occur when the grafts are not taken out properly. It mostly appears as a cluster of pimples, but in some rare cases they may take an aggravated form. Normally they disappear in a few weeks but if they don’t, you need to see your doctor.


It is also  a common side effect of hair transplant. This is experienced by a majority of people who have undergone hair transplant process. Swelling might vary from person to person, some may experience it over the forehead, while for others it can be around their eyes. Usually the swelling is gone in few days, but if it persists over time, consult the doctor.


The best hair transplants hospital in Turkey ensures that there are no infections but if you have not chosen a good facility there are chances of some infection which can be later cured by antibiotics.


Whether you have undergone a follicular unit transplant or follicular unit extraction hair transplant, the process involves some cuts and stitches.This leads to some blood loss during the procedure. While a skilled doctor ensures that the blood loss is minimum, there can be some amount of bleeding after the operation. It can be normally controlled by putting a gauze piece. It is very important for a patient to tell the doctor if there are on any blood thinner medicine or if they have any bleeding related issue, prior to the transplantation.

7 ) PAIN:

Any hair transplant procedure whether it is follicular unit transplant or follicular unit extraction. These are surgical procedures and it is natural to feel some pain, but in case of follicular unit transplant it is comparatively more. To manage this, the doctors administer sedation  and anesthesia so that the patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. There are very rare cases where one observes pain after the procedure., The doctor will prescribe painkillers to help manage thepost surgery pain, if any.


This is a very rare side effect and is experienced by very few people. Normally it lasts for very few days.


The patients who undergo  follicular extraction can expect to have tiny scars that will disappear within a few weeks. When new hair growth occurs, these dot like marks will be hidden under the hair. However, if the patient had follicular unit transplant, then there will be a linear scar, but it can be easily covered after the full hair growth or with an intelligently chosen hair style.


In follicular unit transplant procedure, numbness is often attributed to the cutting of nerves. The Best hair transplant in India take special care to avoid any nerve damage and prevent numbness.

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