What is the commercial furniture?

It is the collection of all those wooden pieces those are used in commercial places. The commercial furniture is a type of solutions to use by the working places.

Unlike residential furniture, commercial furniture is stronger and made of higher quality. The residential wooden pieces also are made of good quality wood, but still, their outer look is soft and delicate.

In, commercial furniture the fabrics are usually tougher and the foams used are sturdier. The outlook of the furniture emits stronger looks.

Unlike, residential furniture the commercial furniture is meant to stay long years.

What is the commercial furniture is made of?

The most common four materials are always used to make commercial furniture.

  • Glass
  • Metals such as aluminium sheets and pipe, laminated steel, brass, copper, and stainless steel
  • Wood is the first material to be focused by many, solid wood, MDF, thick and strong plywood, etc
  • Plastic is also preferred by many.
  • Bamboo is now seen a new addition in the list. It is eco-friendly that’s why nowadays people are diverting more. The bamboo products also emit a beautiful and shiny look.

Types of commercial furniture: –

  1. Reception

This is the most common and essential commercial furniture vision in almost every business houses. It is the beginning of any entrance appreciated by the customers when they enter the place. The placement of the reception furniture should be proper. It is used in the places for like shop reception, bar counter, customer support reception, the reception desk, etc.

It has been noticed that the store reception is the most common piece of commercial furniture. It is mandatory but also versatile in nature. The reception offers a space for the seller to advertise and branding the products. It is a core of exposure and a key element for any shop design.

  1. Desk

It is one of the important furniture required in every commercial space. Though it is used in different ways it is seen everywhere. It is the most useful body of furniture. They can be occupied by any corner or the central part of the space. It has no fixed point to be placed. These desks come in different shapes. It is most useful for the employees to use in various ways for keeping desktop, files and storing other important documents. In schools, it is used for writing and reading purpose.

  1. Tables

It is another form of a desk without drawers. These tables are little longer. There can be available tables of any sizes. These can be used for meeting discussions, food consumption table in a party, outdoor tables, etc.

Each of the tables has distinct features like it can be round and have sharp shapes, different colours, material finishes, etc.

  1. Shelves

The shelves are one of the commercial products meant to store the large quantity product sale. It comes in different heights, allows a customer to have large viewing angle.

This shelf style is common in all the small and large stores. The shelves have different features and structures. The most complex type shelf is seen for cigarette shelf. It is made of dividers and pushers to load cigarette packs of different brands.

The commercial office furniture dealers avail the different shapes and size stocks of shelves. These products make a good sale profit for them as these are the regular moving products.

  1. Gondola

It is the best and common way of displaying the goods in the store. It is at one’s reachable height. It does not have the serving counter like an island.

This type of furniture has many shelves around it. It has several gripping systems such as Slatwall. It has general gripping system meant to have some gripping slots at the back of the entire surface. This type designed grip system helps to provide the versatility to change the position of the Gondola shelf in any direction, vertical or horizontal.

This type of commercial furniture also leaves the space for the company logo for branding exposure. The touchscreen or the backlit display film is used on this shelf aiming to dynamic advertising.

  1. Commercial island

This type of commercial island is also known as the “Shop in the shop” or “Sales Island”. This is a large piece of furniture designed to have a countertop nearly a circumference of 100 cms. It comes in different shapes like square, rectangle, circle, etc.

These are mostly seen in big shops and malls. These are versatile and are popular. The best of this type of commercial furniture is that it has the 360 serving and exposure space. It is the best thing for the company that allows the greatest interaction with the consumers. It serves to a great extent to display the company’s logo and products to the customers.

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