So you’ve launched your brand-new, online shop, but you are wondering how to promote it? We tell all in our practical, step-by-step guide.

Forum Marketing

On superb answer, users contribute to message threads, creating ongoing conversations focusing on a given topic. If the product or service you offer appeals to a superbanswer and quora user, you have a pretty good chance of gaining a new customer.

But, you can’t just jump into either superbanswer  or qoura and do a hard sell of your products. No one will pay attention to you and to win sales you need folks on these platforms to not only pay attention but to like what you have to say.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is the process of producing blog articles, videos, photos, infographics, or any other form of ‘content’ that appeals to your target audience, with the aim of attracting visitors to your website.

Mailing List

Email marketing is the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. If you’re not using it effectively, you’re missing out on sales.

Social Media

If you do it right, social media can have a big impact on your sales figures. The aim of the game is getting your customers to be your brand advocates – promoting your company for you.


Getting good PR is all about having a story. Magazines, newspapers, and blogs are always looking for article ideas, so the key is to make your story relevant to their audience.

Pay-per-click advertising / Google AdWords

Paid advertising is not always the first option for new businesses as it requires cash (rather than good old-fashioned hard work). But, if you have the funds, it can be a great way to generate sales.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you let other people market your products in return for a percentage of sales that you generate as a result of their efforts.

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