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Transfer of fragile objects

Transfer of fragile objects: There are many things to pack before a move that does not require a lot of programming, from the shelf to the closet. Just make sure that in the end the boxes are not too heavy and the load is balanced. However, for the transport of fragile items, they must be carefully packed to be safely transported. Thus, avoid breaking them during the move.

Let’s look at 5 of the best ways to pack fragile moving objects, helping you keep your belongings safe while you are heading to your new home.

1. Use what you have at your disposal

You may need to take a combination of a bubble, paper, and other protective materials to make your trip as safe as possible for your glassware. For example, mirrors, dishes, glasses, and many other fragile items. But you can limit your future waste and save money using towels, blankets, pillows and the like to fill space in the boxes and serve as a protective pillow. We recommend placing particularly fragile and valuable items in special boxes that you can buy from our company with a blanket at the bottom and a decorative pillow at the top.

2. Be careful from the start

The packaging alone can expose your fragile items to risks that they would not normally encounter. It is important to have a safe area to pack and identify the weaknesses of the items you are dealing with. The last thing you want is to break your good glasses of wine onto your dining room as you grab the packaging paper. Kaloriziko proposes to pack fragile items on the floor to prevent breakage and possibly scratch the surface of the table.

3. Use multiple materials for increased protection

A level of protection is good, but many layers are often even better. To transport fragile items, you can wrap them in a blister wrap or wrapping paper, then fill the empty space in the box with a crumpled newspaper, filling the pistachios and similar material. This minimizes the chances of moving and possibly breaks during the move. When it comes to large, flat objects such as mirrors or glass surfaces, you can look at a layered strategy. Wrap the glass in a very soft material, such as a towel, then use a slightly stiffer but still rendering layer, such as cardboard. Repeat as many times as necessary. The same kind of strategy can be applied to many other fragile elements.

4. Pay special attention to the kitchen

Your kitchen is full of items you use on a daily basis. However, it still has extremely fragile objects for transportation. We have a special guide you can follow for kitchen packaging: from dishes, bowls, glasses, and utensils.

5. Rely on experienced professionals to keep your belongings safe.

If you do not move on a regular basis, you probably only pack your stuff for holidays and, at times, fragile items. Selecting professionals help you save time and make sure that your belongings are as secure as possible during your move to your new home. Many people choose shipping companies and focus on carrying heavy items and furniture or other items from point A to point B. The packaging is another important service to be taken into account.

In On Line Metafores, we have experienced, trusted and professional staff who work every day on this piece and assume the packaging of your items. We protect and transport your belongings carefully.

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