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Top Trends in Business Intelligence in 2020

Every year is going to bring something new for the Business Intelligence (BI) industry! The BI tool is coming with one and the other advancement in the past few years. It is gradually making its way in every industry vertical. Be it pharma, retail, aerospace, trading, mall, and management, dairy, car rental, logistics, manufacturing, construction, packaging, city gas or so, you have all reasons to invest in this wonderful Business Intelligence software. 

In 2020, most of the companies will focus on Artificial intelligence and Digitization. Here is a list of the top Business Intelligence trends that will help in shaping up the future of lots of organizations.

Self-service business intelligence

In the coming years, there is going to be a high demand for user-friendly Business Intelligence software that works on a single set of data. The user interface is highly intuitive and even non-technical people can easily use the self-service BI software. It will allow users to access, share content, and grant access rights to the staff to make crucial decisions based on the data available at the centralized location, i.e., data warehouse and data marts. 

Growth in cloud-based data sources

In the past few years, there has been a huge increase in cloud-based applications, which has resulted in high demand for SaaS BI deployments. This means that the demand for cloud-based BI solutions is going to increase. It will allow users to connect, analyze, and integrate the data into the company reporting initiative.

The high demand for the Internet of Things (IoT)

The use of IoT devices is increasing exponentially over the next few years. These devices continually communicate with cloud data repositories and create petabytes of petabytes of data. BI tools are going to be in high demand by organizations that have such data to analyze and provide insights into this ocean of data. 

Increase demand for embedded BI

The next step in enhanced reporting and analytics is to make Business Intelligence seamlessly integrated with your application workflows. With the enhanced version of reporting and analytics, organizations will start focusing on how to integrate BI functions into their solutions and digital workflow. This is going to lead to an increase in demand for Business Intelligence tools that support such integration and customization as well as experts who can help with the implementation.  

Realization of Data Quality Management and its importance

Business analytics tools can give insights as good as the quality of data. If the data lacks relevant quality the insights will fail to meet the expectations. Gradually, companies have started realizing the importance of data quality management. In the near future, companies will invest a good amount in data quality management. 


Organizations across industries and even the Government are embracing business analytics and changing the way they make business decisions in order to arrive at better business results. Is your organization planning to adopt or extend the use of Business Intelligence tools too? To reap the maximum benefits of BI tools, you can contact Tableau partner.

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