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Top IBM C2090-919 Exam Questions

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IBM Certified System Administrator -Informix Server following features:

·        Supports multiple authentication methods.

·        Integrates with Security Access Manager Authorization service.

·        Accepts HTTP and HTTPS requests. 1

·        Integrates and protects back-end server resources through Web SEAL junction technology. Provides a unified view of a combined protected object space.

·        Manages fine-grained access control for the local and back-end server resources. Supported resources include URLs, URL-based regular expressions, CGI programs, HTML files, Java™ servlets, and Java class files.

·        Performs as a reverse web proxy. Web SEAL appears as a web server to clients and appears as a web browser to the junctional back-end servers it is protecting.

·        Provides single sign-on capabilities.

·        The C2090-919 exams are designed to ensure optimum performance.

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