Are you sick of your drab kitchen’s style? Or perhaps you’re feeling inspired by a certain kitchen transformation you’ve recently seen? Whatever the case, interior design is constantly evolving. So, if you don’t want your kitchen being left behind in the past with all the out of date aesthetics and functionality, adapting your kitchen to suit the current year is imperative. Keep in mind that even small changes to your cooking space can yield a significant return. Needless to say, your kitchen’s value is an incredibly important aspect for you to consider should you be thinking of putting your home on the market in future.

So, what are the key areas to focus on when you’re wanting to turn your kitchen from drab to fab? Well, we’ve got a few top ideas to share:


Go for Neutral Colours

When it comes to creating a modern theme for your kitchen revamp, it’s recommended that you choose to go with neutral colours for the wall paint, flooring, cabinets and benchtops. Now, when someone says to stick with ‘neutral colours’, you may instinctively assume that this taking this advice would narrow down your options far too slim. The reality is, however, that neutral colours consist of shades such as white, ivory, beige, brown, grey, black, all of which are available in a range of different undertones. You’d be surprised to find how broad the selection of neutral colours out there really are. Consequently, you can expect to be deal with a lot of choice when it comes to picking out colour schemes for your kitchen.


Add Porcelain Benchtops

Porcelain benchtops are not only an excellent choice for modern kitchens due to their aesthetic appeal. Although these benchtops come in a range of beautiful neutral shades such as white, stone, camel, grey and black, they also ensure to provide functional benefits for your cooking space. Since porcelain benchtops are formed under immense pressure and heat, they are incredibly strong and resistant towards heat and fire. So, you can place pots from the stove or hot dishes straight out of the oven and onto your benchtops, without worrying about the heat scorching the material. In addition to this, getting the best porcelain benchtop in Perth also ensures hygiene for your kitchen. Since this benchtop material features low porosity, you won’t have to worry about bacteria growing in small crevices, or stains seeping into the cracks and tarnishing the surface.


Change Up Your Lighting

Having the right type of lighting in your kitchen is important; not only to set the mood, but also to provide functional qualities. After all, you don’t want to be prevented from seeing what you’re doing in the kitchen, specially when you’re dealing with things such as knives and hot pans. This is exactly why it’s important to make sure you’re considering the three types of lighting for your kitchen revamp:

  • Ambient Lighting: Ambient lighting is there to light up your kitchen in general. You may opt for simple options such as down lights or spotlights, or go that little bit more fancy by installing pendants or chandeliers.
  • Task Lighting: Task lighting allows you to see what you’re doing throughout the whole cooking process. Strip lighting under your cabinetry or hanging lights over your kitchen island are great examples of lighting solutions you may wish to implement.
  • Accent Lighting: Consider what you love about your kitchen the most. Is it the beautiful cabinetry? Or perhaps it’s the bits and bobs on your shelves? With accent lighting, you can highlight features such as these emphasise their placement in your kitchen.


Give Your Hardware an Update

Changing your hardware may seem like a small aspect to consider, but don’t underestimate how much of a difference such changes can make to your kitchen’s overall design. Just be sure to consider the material and colour of your cabinetry when selecting some of your potential options. Slim, simple handles in stainless steel are perfect for creating that modern appeal for your kitchen. On the other hand, ditching hardware altogether and going for zero handles at all can be equally as effective at achieving that contemporary look. Of course, when opting for such an option, you’ll have to choose between having recessed lips on your cabinets and drawers, or push-to-open mechanisms.


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