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Tips to Find the Best Interior Designer

Hiring the best interior designers and decorators in Dallas TX for your next project will save you lots of time as well as a few headaches.

Architects and remodeling contractors are the folks to call for structural planning, while Residential Interior Design Firms in Dallas work out optimal room size, traffic flow and lighting. When it comes to choosing and coordinating the color schemes, paint finishes, cabinet styles and light fixtures that go into that room, that’s where an interior decorator comes in.

A good interior decorator will save you months of hunting down product samples and other research, and prevent some potentially messy missteps. What’s more, the decorator can do everything from simply acting as a sounding board for your ideas to undertaking more involved work, like buying paint and fabric, scheduling an installation and even supervising the job.

Your contractor and interior decorator must work closely together. So begin by choosing a decorator your contractor likes, preferably someone with experience on your type of project. A pro who specializes in new construction or commercial space might not be equipped to integrate an addition with the rest of your house. Here are some other essentials for getting, and working with, a first-class decorator:

1. Billing

While getting something for nothing might sound irresistible, a decorator who offers free services is really a manufacturer’s representative who pushes certain products. Besides narrowing your options, you may pay more in the long run. A flat-fee decorator also looks like a bargain. Unfortunately, this pro often insists on acting as your exclusive buying agent, and may steer you toward products where they receive a big commission. Let’s take an example, and think that one decorator charged $26 per yard for carpet that retailed for only $18, an extra $200 for a 15X15-ft. room. That’s why you should always check prices you get from your decorator against retail.

2. Planning

Even before you kick-start the process, pen down certain things that could act as a filter when making the decision. So, first decide on the look, the budget, the timelines and also, the location. All these could be critical and even connected to each other. You wouldn’t want to get into discussions and at a certain point of work find the timelines too long. So, better create these filters even before you begin. An effective plan will ensure that your work gets completed in time.

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