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Things to Look When Choosing a Domestic Helper

Hiring a maid or a domestic helper for the first time can be scary!!

Nowadays, everyone has a busy schedule like office, kids, their studies, office presentations, deadline reporting, etc. Beyond all these things, managing other home tasks are very tough and especially, when there is an aged person at home. 

An aged person has several responsibilities. And due to a busy schedule, most of you face difficulties to fulfill their requirements. But there is a solution to this, domestic helpers or transfer maid in Singapore 2020

A domestic helper or transfer maid can help you to keep your home in order and look after your children, allowing you to focus on your career and other life goals. There are many transfer maid agencies available from where you can easily hire an experienced helper/ maid for your home. 

Let’s consider the things you keep in mind when choosing a domestic helper or transfer maid:

Before You Begin

If you’re hiring an Indonesia transfer maid or a domestic helper, then make sure that you provide them all the essential amenities in your home. It includes a comfortable place to sleep, mattress, blanket, pillow, protection from adverse weather, and a fair amount of privacy. She is your employee, not a slave, so give them the proper respect that you expect from your boss. 


Experience is the first thing that you should consider. Always hire a maid who experienced within each domestic work. If you need someone to take care of your younger child, make sure the candidate has experience in childcare. 

Moreover, you can ask some basic questions to them are:

  • Why did she leave her previous domestic work job?
  • How many years is she working in this field?

Through these questions, you will get the best information that is ideal for your needs or not.

Consider Language

Another most important thing is to look at linguistic capability.  Language is a crucial component of your communication with your maid. No one wants to create misunderstanding in their own home, so make sure that the candidate you are hiring may speak a common language as your household members and you.

Health of Candidate

When you are hiring a candidate, taking care of her/him is your responsibility. If you want to save your money on medical expenses, then consider the health of the candidate is necessary. Moreover, to prepare you for future health issues, purchasing an insurance plan for your domestic helper to cover your expenses.

Switch to Maid Agency

Last but not least. If you’re seeking someone to take care of your entire house, then you can switch to trustworthy maid hiring agencies. These agencies have been providing unmatched expertise in working with employers and foreign domestic helpers to facilitate a successful match.

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