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The Ultimate Guide to couple poses

Couple photos are a unique opportunity to highlight your personality and the relationship that exists within your couple. So try to do some research beforehand and share it with your photographer to personalize your shots according to your tastes. Here are some examples of techniques to give more cachet to your photos: The Couple Poses work here.

Backlight shooting

  •   Wide / Environmental plan (small subjects, majority of the image occupied by the decor)
  •   Shooting in motion (ex: walking subjects)
  •   Blur effects (one person in the foreground and the other in the background, for example)

Night photos

Depending on his experience, your photographer may not be comfortable with all of the techniques involved in these shots. However, this will give him an idea of ​​what you like, and he can adapt the shooting accordingly. For example, you can consult photographers’ sites or sites on marriage such as www.mariee.fr or www.leweddingmagazine.com, which will give you an idea of ​​the latest trends. Some wedding photographers will also offer you their mood boards to inspire you. In the case of the Couple photoshoot, this is important.

Go to the shooting site with your photographer before D-Day

We systematically organize the location of the photoshoot place with the newlyweds a few weeks before the wedding day. This meeting will allow your photographer to know their tastes better and to plan the shooting precisely to save time on the wedding day. It is rare on D-Day to have more than forty minutes of shooting time (generally 20 to 30 minutes). Suffice to say that every second count, and that it is essential to maximize the shooting time and reduce travel as much as possible! I usually also take this opportunity to take some pictures with my clients so that they can see how I work and get used to being in front of the camera. In Weds Photography, this is important now.

Organize a shoot before the wedding

Taking a photo session before your wedding may seem surprising but has many advantages:

This will allow you to get used to posing in front of the camera: indeed, apart from the models and actors, most people are not naturally at ease during their first shoot. This early experience will allow you to be more relaxed and more natural on your wedding day. With the wedding photographers in Memphis, this is important.

This session will allow you, by viewing the photos, to discover the shots and angles of view that you like or like less. You can, therefore, refine your vision or even do new research to obtain a perfect result on D-day J

  •   If your budget doesn’t allow you to do it with the photographer, at least try to find a passionate photo friend ready to do this for you. You will certainly not obtain the same result as with a professional wedding photographer but will benefit from the first experience as models.

Pay attention to your posture

Even if you want to have natural-looking photos, it is essential to pay close attention to your position throughout the shoot. Indeed, photography tends to flatten the lines and bring out certain imperfections. A right pose will reduce these imperfections while keeping a natural and authentic appearance.

  •   The most important is to break the lines to highlight its curves and to refine the body and the limbs.
  •   A simple way to break this “rectangular” effect is to put your weight on one of your legs, preferably the one furthest from the camera. It works whether the bride is standing front or side and will naturally create curves. This is a part of Couple Photography now.
  •   Also remember to keep your knees as close to each other as possible when you are facing the lens, in order to give your body an “hourglass” shape between the waist, hips, and thighs.
  •   If you wish, you can also accentuate your camber to gain even more curves.
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