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The most anticipated blockchain project in 2019: Will PlusFo come to the fore?

2018 can be said to be a year of blockchain explosion. Many people who entered the Token circle have already become rich overnight in 2017, achieving wealth freedom. According to incomplete statistics, more than a thousand projects were launched this year, and there are already 1,300 Tokens on the exchange. Of course, more of the cottage, the air, the pyramid scheme, the garbage, are all for the money.

For the investment of blockchain projects, many investors are blind. Seeing others’ Tokens turn dozens of times, thousands of times, and tens of thousands of times, they are very jealous, so they follow blind investment and buy, although some small Earn, but most of them are stuck.

2018 is the reshuffle of the blockchain. Those cottages, air, pyramid schemes, and garbage will definitely be washed away. If the previous project has no real progress, it is likely to be eliminated, or cleared, or the project fails, holding some meaningless “things”, waiting for the monkey year to unwind. Many users will ask which Token is good? Which Token will get rich overnight? Why do I think that Token will fall when I buy it? Tokens bought by others have turned hundreds of times, thousands of times, and tens of thousands of times. One thousand yuan has changed to one hundred thousand, ten thousand has changed to one million, even ten million, and wealth is free overnight. It is envious to see others earning full of gold.

In fact, there is no need to envy. Believe in yourself, to understand a blockchain project, as long as you look at it, that is, for every digital token, users are the driving force for development, and technology is the basis of their survival. The number of users determines the price can reach more. High, the development of technology determines how far it can go. PlusFo is a typical project. The super-ecological public chain, which combines mining, quantification and gameplay, is an eco-public chain jointly created by the Google technical team and the Wall Street blockchain technology pioneer team. It integrates the intelligent economic platform of digital assets, digital identity and smart contracts. Combine brand strategy and community to expand its ecosystem. Top experience and technology provide absolute safety and stability for the operation of the PlusFo system.

As a rare and rare project this year, PlusFo is a major opportunity in a bear market. However, in view of the suspicion and questioning of many aspects of the PlusFo project, it is necessary to answer and explain one by one to clarify your concerns. It is true that many people do not understand when the project first comes out. We must see more than many people. You can only succeed if you look at it and look far.

PlusFo not only absorbs the advantages of BTC stability, but also adds the attributes of smart contracts, and even improves performance and scalability on this basis. It means that it will bring more value, function expansion and possibility to the PlusFo ecosystem, which makes us full of imagination for the future development space.

FOT is the Token of the PlusFo platform. It is currently worth about 0.225USD, and the appreciation speed should not be underestimated. Users can obtain FOT by mining. Different from BTC, such as wasteful mining, FOT can only use mining to obtain mining. After downloading the official app of PlusFo, you can get the corresponding PUF reward by completing a series of tasks such as sharing sign-in. PUF here. It is the computing power of mining, users can directly exchange PUF computing power in the mainstream Token pool. With more PUF, users can continue to dig more FOT.

The current mining revenue is very impressive. Everyone knows that the first wave of people who dig BTC has already been full of money. Therefore, the first wave of people who dig FOT will also get considerable profits. It is necessary to know that FOT is still decreasing, which means The daily income will be more and more. If the FOT obtained from mining is converted into PUF again, it will be compounded. Day after day, the income cannot be imagined. It is necessary to know that Buffett said that the reason why people are poor is to underestimate compound interest. The proceeds.

PlusFo is a relatively high quality project with long-term investment potential. Compared with other contemporaneous blockchain projects, PlusFo can solve the shortcomings of existing blockchain congestion, slow speed and high commission. Self-use to make money, share the benefit of others, the funds go with the money, share the income is not capped, no bubble, blockchain full ecological mining, games… multiple income earn non-stop! The wealth of digital assets, the wealth of billions of digital assets in the next decade, PlusFo, there is no limit in the future, why not come?

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