Novel Coronavirus, also known as COVID19, continues to become top headlines. We are helpless with the COVID19 situation as it is the same as the 1995 thriller outbreak. The film showcases the outbreak like the Ebola virus in Zaire, and after that, it spreads in a small town of the United States of America. 

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, call center software users are facing huge challenges as employees have to stay home. Let us discuss the impact on businesses due to the COVID19 crisis.

Rapid spread with its significant impact on business  

Many companies remain overwhelmed as well as have got workload. They are finding alternative methods to make sure that Call centers stay open and operational to their clients across the globe. There is need of the hour to address proper time management, technology, constant learning skills, quality assurance, implementation, adequate communication, suitable agents oversight is driving a massive issue for businesses. People who focus on client experience are facing several challenges to continue the trust and loyalty of their clients.   

Business continuity problems  

  • Businesses are shutting down because there don’t have work from home option for their employees  
  • Businesses are losing their clients who lost trust in the companies  
  • Employees are losing jobs because there is no work from home option available to them  

How CONTAQUE is helping clients in this pandemic situation  

At Contaque, we make sure to offer the best Call center software solutions to grow your business even in this COVID19 pandemic situation. Our Call center software solutions are there to guide you to excel in your business, boost your sales, and generate leads in every possible way. Our Call Center Software agents in India are available anytime to provide you with the Call Center software. Contaque offers its clients work from home call center software so that clients can work remotely. Businesses can speed up their work and don’t lose clients once they come in contact with Contaque. Employees can work from home so that they continue to work and don’t lose their jobs. In short, with Contaque businesses can continue their revenue generation without losing their clients. So, what you are waiting for? Connect with Contaque at the earliest.  

Contaque a call center software company offers organizations with highly useful features such as Predictive dialer, automatic dialer, IVR, DNC calling software, Automatic call distributor system, call conference solution, outbound call center to work from the comfort of employees home.  The call center software in India can be used in various industries such as Insurance, Travel, Telecom, Entertainment, Banking, Education, Astrology, Healthcare, Tele-survey, Tele-shopping, and Tele-marketing.   

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