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The best source to get High traffic to your blogs, website and youtube clannel

The biggest challenge for the bloggers is to get target traffic to their blog, website or youtube channel

I am sure you do agree with me because most bloggers do struggle to drive traffic to their blog leave aside targeted traffic.

If you have a new blog which is less likely to get organic traffic from search engines.

Most experts will suggest you to do guest posting and comments, social media promotions etc. But do you think these are great ways of traffic unlimited traffic to your blog?

If i ask you not to follow these methods as they do add value. However, these methods are not as easy to follow as they seem.

If you have a relatively new blog or have very few contacts within the blogging fraternity, there are very slim chances that any high authority blog owner would allow you to do guest posting and guest blog comments.

Guest post and comment can get you very little traffic. It is not even advisable for Using Blog Commenting As Link Building Strategy as using it for rank manipulation increases your chances of Google’s penalty.

Guest posting your blog links at social media websites like Facebook and Twitter may fetch you some good results, Tweet’s half-life is 1 billion times shorter than Carbon-14’s. Facebook is better but not good enough.

Within a day, your post will get buried among thousands of other posts. To get regular traffic, you will have to keep posting regularly.

So how on earth can you get highly targeted traffic to your blog regularly?

The title says it all: Superb Answer!!!

Why Superb Answer?

Those who do not know, Superbanswer is an online forum. it only started getting popular recently.

There is a considerable amount of traffic from the US too. So, if you know how to use superbanswer effectively, you can drive a huge amount of traffic to your website.

The best thing about traffic from superb answer is, it is highly targeted traffic and will lead to a very low bounce rate.

You can get traffic regularly once you create topics and replies on topics with a link to your blog. Currently, superbanswer forms 35% of the Total traffic to my Blog.

So the question is how to use superb answer effectively to drive traffic to your blog?

I am going to explain how To Drive Traffic From Superb Answer Below are the steps that you need to follow for driving traffic from superb answer to your blog.

1. Setting Up Your superb answer Profile

After signing up at superb answer, the first thing you need to do is set up your profile. A lot of bloggers skip this step, but this is indeed very important to improve your credibility.

2. Relevant Profile Bio

A Bio at superb answer is nothing but a headline of your profile. You should select a Bio which best describes the topics you are going to cover.

You should be clear about what you are good at. If you are going to mainly write about content marketing, use a Bio “X Years Experience in Content Marketing” or “I Write About Content Marketing At My Blog www.abc.com”

3. Finding Topics To Answer

Once you have finalized the article you want to link to, the next step is to find relevant questions for answering.

There are many ways you can find topics to reply at superbanswer. Let us go through each type.

1. Search superbanswer

You can use superb answer Search Bar to find. However, this method will also give you outdated topics which no one is interested in. I personally use this feature very rarely.


2. Topics In Your Activity Stream.

Topics in your Activity Stream are primarily meant for you to read.


3. No replies Topics.

So no replies topic are avalable in top of side bar.


Superb answer Most popular topics

1. Check The Number Of subscribers

The number of subscribes a Topics gets is another thing you must check while repliing on topic. There are many Topics which have very few subscribes, yet they get a good number of views.

2. Writing The Answer

Once you have your Topic, the next thing would be to write comment or reply. While there is no definite guideline on what type of answers get more views, the following things worked for me

3. Write Longer Yet Precise Answer
At Superb answer, longer answers which cover most topics are usually ranked higher. Having said that, from my experience I can say that people avoid reading very long answers especially if they are not formatted well and written in a single paragraph.

So do not try to elongate your answers just because superbanswer ranks it higher. Try to balance preciseness and length of the answer.

3. Use Appropriate Images

Images, as most bloggers know, can draw the attention of users. Appropriate use of Images can get you more views than the ones without any image.

4. Write Helpful answer

You must make sure, that your answer is helpful to the questioner and other readers. If you do not address the questioner’s concern, they will not care to click on your blog’s link.

5. Adding Links To Your Blog

Superb Answer Forum frowns upon people who answer on topics to promote their blog, products or services. So it’s very important that you put your links without using a sales pitch.

Try to write a helpful answer and include a link to your blog at the end saying “If you liked my answer, you may also find my XYZ article to be useful” or ” For more detailed and elaborate insights you can check XYZ article at my blog”.

You can also include links at the start or middle of the answer but do so in a way that your reader feels you are trying to help them by providing the link rather than promoting your blog to them.

Including links to other websites along with your website will make linking look more natural.



Using superb answer is one of the best ways to drive targeted traffic to your Blog. It is especially a boon for new bloggers who struggle to get organic traffic to their blog.

If used correctly, it can drive regular traffic to your Blog. I still receive traffic from answers I posted 2 months back.

Have you been using superb answer to get traffic to your Blog? Do share with us the strategies you use.

This is The best source to get High traffic to your blogs, website and youtube clannel

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