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Tencent launches PC game-streaming mobile app

Tencent has released an app in China that streams PC games to mobile phones.

Tencent Streaming service

The Chinese games giant’s latest service joins Microsoft, Sony, and Valve in similar ways and further demonstrates the game industry’s growing obsession with game-streaming. Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmed revealed on Twitter the existence of the Tencent streaming app.

Ahmed said: “Tencent has introduced a new mobile streaming app for its Vegem PC game platform. You download the app to your phone, connect to the same Wi-Fi network as your PC, and then stream your games library to your phone. Currently only supporting League of Legends, soon. For those unfamiliar with Tencent’s operations, Veegem equals its steam. It has also been shown that the League of Legends applies Teamfight Tactics.

Currently, Tencent’s mobile streaming app is only available in China, but the company’s rival major gaming industry players are expected to cover the rest of the world with their mobile streaming services. Microsoft offers to stream to mobiles via its project xCloud, which launches on October 2019.

PlayStation 4 owners can already stream games to mobile devices through Sony’s Remote Play app, and Valve’s similar Steam link app is also available for download to mobile devices, though it requires the purchase of a Steam Controller.

The arrival of Tencent’s mobile streaming app following the announcement of Google Stadia, Bethesda Softwares recently announced the launch of a service called Orion, and the news that Square Enix is considering such a service further strengthens the notion that the game-streaming market, although in its infancy, is already in danger of becoming dangerously crowded.

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