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best way to secure your facebook account | 10 steps

best way to secure your facebook account | 10 steps

1. Create strong password

Make sure that your password containing about 8 characters Longer password would help you to have strong key as it takes more time to hack it. Make password which would be difficult to guess. Please avoid to including the username, pet name, birth date as your password, you can also use some online password generators but just make sure its secure & trustworthy. Don’t use the same password anywhere else. Change your password once every six months not only for Facebook but everywhere.

Settings >> General >> Password >> Generate STONG PASSWORD.

2. Update Privacy settings

There are some manageable security & privacy settings from which you can ensure the security of your Facebook. First of all set the Login Alerts. You can decide to get login alerts via Facebook notifications via text messages, email. Get a warning when anybody logs into your account from an unrecognized device or browser.

Go to Settings >> Security >> Login Alerts >> edit & select the mode of getting notifications.

The next important option is choose trusted contact who can surely help you if ever have trouble accessing your FB account & never accept any friend request from unknown people.

3. Two Factor Authentication.

Confirming your mobile number strengthens the security. This helps you when you forget your account password since the Facebook will send you OTP to your mobile number & you can reset your account password.

Account setting >> mobile >> add a phone number.


4. Activate Code Generator & Login Approval feature

Login Approval is the new security feature provided by the Facebook developers; it will need the security pin every time when you are trying to login to your FB account. For this setting,

Settings >> Security >> Login approval >> Edit link >> checkout box to activate login approval >> save changes.

After this Facebook asks you to go for set up, you will receive OTP on your mobile no & generate a code. If you aren’t able to get this option for your account; then please make sure Settings >> Security >> code ‘generator’ is NOT enabled.

Secondly you can also activate Code Generator, go to Setting >> Security >> Code Generator < click get started By this option, you will get login access codes through your mobile number either by text message or FB app. To allow this open the ‘Code Generator ‘ section, click the option “get codes” enter your FB password & click “submit.

5. Prefer secure browsing

Always keep an eye on every app, device, system or browser you are surfing your FB account. Just make sure you are browsing from a secure browser. The Facebook provides you this option excessively. By this option, you can automatically limit and control all the external applications which you are integrated previously while logging in with the Facebook. For any activity via your FB profile, these apps would require your approval.

Setting >> Security >> Recognised Devices >> check all the devices >> confirm your identity remove any unrelated logged in devices >> save changes.

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6. Remove previous activities & past sessions

Facebook shows all you previous logged-in & past active sessions. To check out your last active sessions, where you login from, & what device you had used to access your Facebook account; go to

Account settings >> Security >> Where You’re Logged In >> active session >> Edit

Now all past activities will be listed, click ‘end activity’ to kill all the activities that you feel unwanted.


7. Avoid Phishing Spam Links

Avoid spam links on your Facebook posting or clicking on others postings. There are many attacks occurred including money scams using through Facebook messages, chats, etc. These phishing attacks will redirect to the fake website with the use of malicious links that can steal your all personal information or even more damage your device. There is also a chance that you will see that email came from Facebook but actually it’s come from phishing website. So for security reasons, never click the suspicious links. Never give your username & password to any website while responding to any email. Facebook or any social networking site never demand your password. For any Windows; always try to update your browsers to the latest version to ensure your browsers security.

8. Follow Security Checkup

Its always better to go for a security checkup. Click on the settings shortcut & select the privacy option. Here you will see 3 options:

Who can see my stuff? This option is used to control the exposed of all your posts; manage the audience for your all post. Try to make all your personal stuff visible to all your friends whom you trust.

Who can contact me? If you all this to everyone, you are ready to get unwanted and unknown friends requests. And by unknowingly we used to accept, and they lead to get all your info used against your account hacking.

Who can look me up? You can here make the following changes to tighten your Facebook account security.
Who can look you up using the email address you provided? >> Friends
Who can look you up using the phone number you provided? >> Friends
Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your Profile? >> No


APP SETTINGS: Go to Settings >> Apps >> App settings >> This app-option allows you to control the apps which are connected with your Facebook account. If you see any suspicious apps in the list then don’t hesitate to remove it.

Moreover, you also need to check more in profile option; you will see most of the options related to your profile display shown publicly; that includes your email ID, birthday, hometown, current city, etc. you can rather I suggest to limit the audience for your Facebook profile data.


9. Keep updated & secured your system environment

Use up to date antivirus software. The updated antivirus software will help you to keep your computer more secure & safe. Try to scan your computer system for malware regularly. FYI; you can have malware even if you just watch a video via FB post, or if you visit a website claiming to offer special features, or by downloading any via the unsecured browser. So please be aware of such things.

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10. secured practices.

Don’t share the password with anyone. Clear all history from the device. Always log out. Log out even from your own mobile in case it might get in someone’s hand or even get stolen so there may be chances to get your personal information can be misplaced. Disable the feature “remember password” on the web browser. Type your password only on your own & trusted computers. Otherwise, usually, hackers use keystroke keyloggers which record everything you type even password too.