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Supply top quality 30 mic cpp lamination film for high speed automatic packaging

Supply top quality 30 mic cpp lamination film for high speed automatic packaging

Protective Film

Packaging CPP tissue film is applied to all kinds of packaging for food, medicines and cosmetics. It is divided into low-temperature lamination film, ultra-low temperature lamination film and low-temperature inflatable lamination film according to different functions and  different applications, usually as substrate which are laminated with BOPP, BOPET, BOPA and other  films for bags making; on the premise of ensuring its sealing performance, while guarantee no odour of the film, otherwise would affect the product in the packaging. Applicable to all kinds of food, pharmaceutical packaging.


Product Characteristic:
*Excellent composite fastness.
*Low sealing temperature, suitable for high-speed automatic packaging.
*Excellent transparency and gloss.
*Good stiffness.
*Corresponding friction coefficients to adapt to different applications.

Physical and Mechanical Properties
Item NameStandard ValueTypical IndexTesting Standard
Tensile Strength MpaMD≥3562ASTM D638
Elongation at Break %MD≥280612
Haze %Thickness≤30μm≤5.0≤2.5ASTM D1003
Heat Sealing Temperature ℃(Non-treatment surface)Heat Sealing Type<145126(≥8N)
Non-heat Sealing Type≥145
Surface Tension dyn/cmTreatment Surface≥36≥36ISO 8296
Non-treatment Surface<33
Dynamic Friction Coefficient≤0.500.1-0.2ASTM D1984

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