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Stylish And Contemporary Wall Sconces To Deck Up Your Interiors

Are you looking to deck up your home interior with the latest wall sconce lighting ideas? Read the blog to discover the benefits and styles of wall sconces that add elegance and versatility to your home interior.

Wall Sconces

Wall sconce is the most versatile light source in a home. It can provide four key lighting functions: ambient, accent, task and wall washing. From the entryway to the bathroom and living room to bedroom, it can be paired with overhead ceiling light, chandelier or recessed downlights to provide ambient light for an entire living space. They come in various forms ranging from spare and functional to downright sculptural. Wall sconces can light up a hallway, give you a better view of the vanity, and flank the front door. They do not require any floor or table space.

Features and Benefits of Wall Sconces

Maximizes the Space

Wall sconces create an illusion of a larger room when placed in the right position and direction. They save floor space and makes the room feel brighter and comfortable. They are an ideal option for compact home interiors as they create an inviting ambience while highlighting architectural features.

Set the Right Mood

Wall sconces are considered as an excellent option for dining rooms and bedrooms. Placing dimmable sconces in bedrooms create a relaxing and calm mood. In dining rooms, wall sconces can be used to emphasize artwork or create a setting of festivity or romance. Modern LED sconces provide the perfect lighting for compact spaces.


The type of lighting fixture you use significantly affects your electricity bill. Wall sconces provide the requisite amount of light without needing to light up the entire room. It means less energy is consumed overall and you save more money on electricity bills. LED-wall sconces are ideal for lighting residential and commercial spaces without significantly raising your energy costs.

Different Wall Scone Styles


  • Come in sleek and stylish looks
  • Designed elegantly and focus more on function than ornamentation
  • Best suited for adding a minimalist touch to a more traditional living space


  • Used to give a room an upscale feeling
  • Provide a throwback to styles of years that are gone


  • Offer sleek and minimalistic detailing that fits in any type of home interior

Finding the Right Place to Install Wall Sconces


A bedroom is a personal space where one wants to relax while watching television or reading books. To create a perfect ambience, the right type of lighting fixture is required. Bedroom lighting can range from dimmed to dramatic and basic to bold. Wall sconces are an appealing option to create a cozy and warm atmosphere in the bedroom. In bedrooms, they are generally placed symmetrically on the wall behind the bed.

Dining Rooms

Wall sconces are one of the most adequate lighting options to elevate the look of the dining rooms. They can be used in dining rooms to highlight the buffet or add more drama to the wallpaper. However, it is important to place the wall sconce in the right position to keep the glare out of diners’ eyes.


The foyer is a key spot for making the first impression. A contemporary and minimalist wall sconce in the foyer gives visitors the overall outlook of your home interior. For a standard 9-10 feet foyer, the wall sconce should be placed 7 feet above the floor.


A well-lit hallway is essential to enhance the look of a modern home interior. The right lighting fixture can transform your hallway from a foreboding cave to a stylish transitional space. Wall sconces create a more balanced and well-illuminated atmosphere in the hallway. They come in a variety of shapes and styles. For instance, wall sconces with uplighting are ideal for narrow hallways. Similarly, to elongate the walls, sconces with up and down lighting effects are a perfect choice. It is recommended to place each wall light within a six-feet distance between each other.


Investing in efficient outdoor lighting is a great way to add charming appeal, value, and safety to your home. Wall scones are a perfect option for adding style and warmth to home exteriors. They make the nighttime strolls safe, and highlight the architectural details of the building.

Concluding Thoughts

Wall sconces can be used as the main lighting source but generally, people use it to set the right tone for your home by supporting other light sources. Wall sconces create coziness and warmth in the house, especially when they are placed symmetrically. The different styles and types of wall sconces are a sure way to enhance the personality of interiors.

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