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Students develop mobile app to send out fire alert in phones.

Senior high school students from Manila can now notify via your phone if a fire breaks out in your home after developing an Internet-based fire alarm system.

This system, called “Flame Luminosity and Multisensory Equipment”, is a device that uses a heat signature mapping and multi-sensor system to detect a fire and inform the homeowner of an application.


It was developed by Mapua University students with funding from the Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (DOST-PCIEERD) under the Young Innovators Program (YIP).

Project FLAME sought to reduce the number of firefighters and property deaths by providing fast and reliable information to authorities.

Students use a thermal imaging camera, a current sensor and a gas sensor, all connected to the Internet so that the data output comes from their developed algorithm. Using the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the developed system can monitor cardiac manipulations and other fire hazards using video image analysis and create an accurate early detection system.

With its double trigger feature, accuracy is secure because it is only alerted when a heat map is shown on the hot map and a fire sensor is triggered.

Connected with devices is the mobile app, which allows you to view data from an Android device via the Arduino Bluetooth module. Through the app, the user is notified of Fire Hazard alerts, which can be sent to the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) for the rapid-fire response.

Unlike existing fire fighting systems, FLAME can detect multiple fire hazards and prevent false alarms by automatically analyzing the heat signatures shown on the heat map.

This device not only enhances the fire prevention capability but also improves the reliability and response time of firefighters through its warning system.

DOST-PCIEERD Executive Director Dr. Enrico Paringit is optimistic that the system developed by students can be replicated on a larger scale and that government officials can also adopt it and help reduce fire hazards.

“The spark of this ingenuity of our young students from Manila shows that our scientific community has a bright future. DOST-PCIEERD is front and center in inspiring flames of innovation in the hearts and minds of young people through YIP,” he said.

Under YIP, from high school to college, three to 10 members, and 30 years and younger, receive a million pesos grant for their research, which is linked to the DOST-PCIEERD sector’s priority, with areas or with the Harmonized National Research and Development Agenda.

Project Flame Team Leader Alec Denzi Santos said the rise in fire incidents year after is arousing their curiosity, and they are looking for ways to reduce it.

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