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How Stem Cell Therapy Can Help You With Pain Management

When you’re suffering from pain or injury, there are many ways to begin your relief and recovery process. The most common procedures are often surgery, pain medication, or even a combination of both. While pain medication and surgery have their uses, there is often another pain relief method that many have not considered: Regenerative medicine.

Regenerative medicine is an alternative treatment option that continues to be proven successful, not only by scientist and researchers but also by doctors who utilize this treatment for a variety of conditions, including chronic pain.

Patients suffering from pain can be at risk of depending too heavily on regular medication to relieve the pain. However, this only works with the pain sensations and does not do anything to tackle the causes of the pain. This is what separates it from regenerative medicine, which will use many protocols to ultimately help self heal the affected area of the body. Regenerative Therapy has become a game-changer for accelerating healing, regenerating tissue and combating pain. It has reduced the need for prescription medication and surgery, proving to be a helpful tool towards managing and potentially eliminating pain in the body. Regenerative Therapy has helped untold amounts of people overcome insufferable chronic joint pain, restoring their function and mobility, and improving their quality of life.

Here are some things to know about how Regenerative treatment can help people who are suffering from chronic pain:

  • Orthobiologic Regenerative Treatments have potential benefits for being a viable treatment option for treating or aiding recovery from many conditions and injuries, including:

Torn meniscus
Sprains and strains
Achilles tendinitis
Rotator cuff tears

  • Regenerative Therapy  results of pain relief (this is variable from once case to the other) but aim to repair damaged regions: Not only does it work to reduce the pain and inflammation associated with these conditions, they also work to promote repair and regeneration in the damaged region.
  • Medication is not the only way for pain relief: Medications may help with inflammation and pain, but unfortunately, they are only temporarily. Therefore, the use of stem cells rather than medication is way more effective. Using the person’s own cells to promote tissue healing and regeneration is a much better route for reducing inflammation and lowering pain, when compared to seemingly endless cycles of prescription medication.
  • One of the biggest reasons for Regenerative therapy is superior to other pain relief methods is its non-invasive nature: There’s no anaesthesia, no operating room, and no extended downtime after the procedure. With Regenerative therapy, you are able to have your procedure handled in an outpatient setting and you are free to simply walk out of the clinic immediately afterwards.


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Regenerative Stem cell therapy has no age limit

Are you looking for a safe and natural alternative to surgery? Stem Cell Therapy is the answer to your question. Regenerative Stem Cell therapy is an exciting new treatment approach to help people

suffering from chronic pain and joint injuries. The autologous transplant makes Stem Cell Therapy very safe as there is no risk of rejection or cross-transmission of diseases. Also, unlike conventional treatment, Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy is suitable for all irrespective of their age. Stem Cell treatment facilitates regeneration of the tissue, including on the articular surface cartilage. The newly formed cartilage causes a marked reduction in pain along with a significant increase in the range of movement of the joint. Thus, enabling you to lead an active life again with less or no pain.

The procedure is a walk-in walk-out procedure and takes a few hours to complete.

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