Hindi is a ancient language which is particularly spoken in South Asia. It is a official language of India and around 1.4 billion people can speak this language and more than 1.8 billion people can understand it. It is also spoken in other countries like United states, South Africa, Australia, Sri-lanka, Nepal, Oman, Maldives, Mauritius, etc. It is believed that Hindi was the part of Sanskrit language and evolved as an individual language only after 11th century AD. The ancient texts such as Vedas and Upnishads have lot of hidden knowledge related to medicines, herbs, ayurveda, science, etc. This is the reason, why many countries are now establishing their hindi learning centers and recruiting its professionals. The knowledge in these texts is slowly and gradually getting uncovered now.

Hindi language has 2 main parts, Literature (Sahitya) and Grammar (Vyakaran). Both of them are equally important. The literature includes study of Indian epics and books like Mahabharat, Ramayan, Madushala, Panchtantra, etc. while grammar includes the art of using words in the sentences and sentence formation. Learning grammar can be tuff, but the best way is to refer the curriculum laid out by CBSE. CBSE stands for central board of secondary education. It has well defined set of syllabus for hindi vyakaran for class 10. This can be a perfect start for your learning journey.  There is also option to pursue a bachelor’s and maters’s degree in the language. This is also known as bachelor of arts and master of arts respectively.

After getting a degree in hindi language. One can start a career in many fields. There are options available in mass communication. This can include correspondent or TV anchor. Other options like freelancing, teaching, script writer are also available. As a hindi professional one can also be a part of diplomatic missions organised by government of various countries. The popularity of this language is growing rapidly and it is also offering lot of challenging career opportunities.

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