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Some Advice for Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery has 2 branches, alongside cosmetic surgery, and the 2 are inseparable and carry an equivalent principles and have a similar goal.

Designed to reshape of the body that nature has made imperfect or that life has altered, cosmetic surgery is a medical discipline in its own right. The techniques used in cosmetic surgery follow a similar rule as all alternative surgeries; they need an equivalent precautions and also the same care, and even more thus given its voluntary and not mandatory nature, to confirm that no error is permissible.

Unless there’s a medical risk that will be needed for essential work needed as a results of necessitated important medical condition which may justify taking significant risk, surgery should be reduced. We should also avoid the use of cosmetic treatments, technology or products that are not sufficiently tested.

Thus the standard of primary plastic surgeon, outside of his technical ability, is to pay attention to his patient, to require enough time to adequately analyze the patient’s motivations, his/ her expectations, and provide solid data on the results that may be realistically achieved and also the consequences of the intervention as, in terms of any appearance aspect effects like scars. Surgeon should provide correct cosmetic surgery recommendation before any procedure and should know how to refuse or postpone a procedure when he’s given with adverse effects of any potential procedure.

Only the specialist qualification in Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic issued by the recognized institutions of Physicians gives the guarantee of a good education. Such qualification is generally issued at the tip of many years of specific studies at university and sufficient coaching in cosmetic surgery in hospital, after a degree in medicine.

In some countries, according to statistics of insurance companies thousands of doctors are practicing cosmetic surgery, while only a few hundred are fully qualified to undertake the procedures. So it’s necessary that you thoroughly check the qualifications and also the experience of any doctor that you are trying to decide on for your cosmetic procedure. You should seek proper cosmetic surgery advice before starting any procedure.

Before going any operation your cosmetic surgeon will give you all the cosmetic surgery advice and information on it, including a detailed estimate and should obtain your written consent.

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