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Social Media Taking Up Too Much Of Your Day?


Can we all take a minute, to be honest with ourselves? How many times during your work day do you pick up your phone, or click to another browser to check social media? And let’s be real, we aren’t just spending a minute or two looking through Twitter, we are scrolling through the entire feed, clicking on something interesting we see, scrolling through the profile to read their tweets from the last week.

Of course, you can’t just stop there, you also have to check Facebook, and Instagram to make sure you aren’t missing out on anything! Now, imagine you want to share the funny meme or news article with your co-workers, and a friend. This takes even more time out of your workday because you have to copy and paste the link or screenshot the image to send via chat or email. Before you know it fifteen minutes go by, and you haven’t accomplished anything for your project that is due at the end of the day.

Now, imagine an application that brings together your workday needs and your social feeds. One of Clariti’s many useful features is the ability to link your favorite social media feeds right inside of your email and chat browser. You are also able to set alerts for specific Twitter handles, so that when that user Tweets, you know about it, without having to spend time scrolling through your feeds. If something share-worthy pops up, you are able to send that feed to any of your Clariti contacts without having to copy and paste anything!  Currently, Clariti only allows you to sync your Twitter feed, but the ability to sync both Facebook and Instagram are in the works. How useful is that?

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