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Sightseeing Attractions Of Kumarakom Houseboat Trip

Kumarakom is one of the best tourist destinations that is well known for its backwater tourism. It is situated in the background of the Vembanad lake, which is the biggest lake in the province of Kerala.

It is outstanding for its feathered creature asylum, mangrove woods, paddy fields, coconut forests, and so forth. Here you are provided with a wide variety of options like flora, exotic sightseeing, boating, and fishing experience.

Here you can appreciate winged animal havens along the shores and experience the town life. You can appreciate different foods like appam, rice bread, kappa, karimeen, for example, Extraordinary freshwater fish, shrimps, prawns, crabs, and squids.

The Kumarakom houseboat trip begins from the Vembanad lake, after which you are taken to Chitra and rani area where you can also continue to venattukadu and other places. Here you can also enjoy the sunset in the Kumarakom route of the backwaters.

If you are low on budget and wish for an affordable budget houseboat, it is a wise decision to choose Kumarakom as your tourist destination. However, if you are looking for a luxurious stay you can choose the best luxury houseboats in kumarakom. Kumarakom backwater day tour is cost effective and affordable.

Kumarakom to Alleppey Houseboat Trip

Kumarakom to Alleppey houseboat trip can turn out to be quite pleasant. Alleppey has various spots of enthusiasm close to its environment. Thus in the event that you are an explorer type, Kumarakom to Alleppey houseboat trips are the prompted alternative for you.

Here you can enjoy visiting temples, houses of worship, national parks, beacons, and other places of interest. If you are on a honeymoon trip, Kumarakom backwaters is a perfect destination as it is quite enchanting and relaxing. For the honeymoon couples, the overnight trip on Vembanad lake is a quiet romantic experience.

Houseboat Services In Kumarakom

Rudra Houseboats is one of the leading and fastest growing houseboat services in Kumarakom. We are operating the boathouse tour from kumarakom to Alleppey. Our aim and our work to explore the natural beauty of Kerala backwaters. Kumarakom invites you to explore everything Kerala has to offer. From experiencing our breathtaking landscapes to connecting with our culture, history and our people, memorable moments await in every corner of this magnificent province.

Each traveler is one of a kind. So We offer you the chance to make the best of every single snapshot of your profitable and sentimental time with one another in all-out protection at the marvelous backwaters of Kumarakom. We are also able to hold boutique weddings, cultural programs, and small conferences.

Kumarakom Houseboats sort out group visits in Kerala with assumed hotels, resorts, and experienced staff who are given and have suitable learning. All of our houseboats are all around furnished with security kinds of rigging and significantly sterile air. We offer luxurious accommodation in premium houseboats with prohibitive room dismissing a man-made lagoon.

Rudra houseboats are a major backwater attraction in Kumarakom and a must-try experience while here. Suitable for couples, groups or families, houseboats let you kick back while enjoying the panoramic views around you. Delicious Kerala dishes, particularly seafood, and rustic vibes are other highlights of a Kumarakom houseboat trip.

Kumarakom Houseboat Holidays

Kumarakom Houseboat Holidays sort out bundle visits in Kerala with presumed hotels, resorts, and experienced staff who are devoted and have viable learning.

Every one of our houseboats is all around outfitted with security types of gear and profoundly sterile air. We offer an extravagant settlement in rich houseboats with restrictive room neglecting a man-made tidal pond.

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