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SELF SERVICE KIOSKS | Technological innovations for customer experience

Wavetec’s omnichannel kiosks provide you the flexibility to embrace emerging technologies and reduce operating costs. Empower your customers to avoid queues, and use self-service kiosks to choose between services, place orders, check-in for appointments, open a bank account, take a ticket to join a queue or simply find the way.

Designed and manufactured emphasizing on customer experience at the core, the kiosks feature a contemporary design and offer innovative self-service options, while transforming customer experiences at banks, telecoms, airports, restaurants, government service centers, DMV stations, retail shops, and hospitals.


Reduce Wait Times

Give customers a quick service option to avoid queues and get instant service.

Reduce Operational Costs

Serve more customers per day with less staff.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

 Convenient transactions with instant receipts or tickets.

ADA Compliant

Built with assistive technologies to facilitative handicapped persons

Intuitive Layout

 Advanced and intuitive interface for a smoother experience with multiple service options.

24/7 Service

 Operational capability to serve customers 24/7

Integrative Capacity

 Can seamlessly integrate with third-party apps and back-end systems


Hardware and Application can be customized to suit specific c requirements.


An easily customizable kiosk with a modular design and
functional components to perform a comprehensive set
of banking functions. With an end-to-end process, the kiosk
eases bank account opening process, prints instant bank cards
and enhances customer experiences.

  • Encrypted keypad
  • ID scanning
  • Customized, instant card printing
  • Cash deposit functionality
  • Receipt printing
  • Supports Mobile Wallets
  • Seamless integration with core banking applications

Optional Features

  • Signature Pad
  • Connection to Virtual Assistant
  • NFC supported kiosk

Source Website: https://www.wavetec.com/solutions/self-service-kiosks/


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