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See How Your Work Flows With Work Threads In Clariti

Work Thread

Workflow consists of a series of tasks done consecutively or in parallel to accomplish an objective. Central to workflow is communications. As the work “flows” through the various steps that comprise a workflow, communication acts as a glue connecting one step to the other.

For example, consider a workflow of signing a contract. It may start with an email with the contract attached to the message. It may be followed by chats discussing the contract between different stakeholders inside the company. This may lead to contract revisions communicated to the original sender of the document. Eventually, the revised contract is emailed back to the original recipient who then signs and emails back the executed contract.

As you may have noticed each step has an associated communication shared using different mediums such as email, chat and a document. All these communications are connected by the common topic of the “Contract Signing”. We call these connected communications as a “Work Thread”.

Work Threads in Clariti

Clariti provides a means to automatically create a Work Thread as the communications go back and forth between various stakeholders, irrespective of the communication medium used. Take, for example, the above instance in Clariti. The original email is automatically connected to the subsequent chats. These are then followed by the revised contract document and emails to form a Work Thread.

You can then visually see each step of the workflow as it unfolded chronologically.

Context-based Communications in Clariti

By seeing the big picture of the workflow, you are able to discern the context behind these communications at any time. Without Clariti, all these communications would be separated in disconnected communication silos like email, chat, and document and you would have to rely on your memory to connect the dots and understand the context.

Power of Context-based Communications

Your effectivity significantly increases when you work in context. It reduces stress from relying on memory to recall past communications. It also reduces error and reworks as you can easily see past messages to make sure you have all the information you need before replying. This is the power of always working in a context in Clariti.

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