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Ridaex TV frank review

So it’s been 2 days since I have received and got my new Ridaex tv installed in my home.   I am writing a very frank review of the tv here.  Since Quora is already filled with so many answers and the majority of them are collapsing.  I wanted to write it here.

Firstly I never believed that Indian products would be so worthy.   I have paid about 44,000 rupees and I have received the TV with an Ambrane tablet and 2 years warranty for the tv.

Picture quality

We have been spending more money on big brands like Sony and Samsung ..etc. But now as time changed and technology improved there are many new companies coming up with new tech.  I have experienced a very brilliant picture quality with Ridaex IPS grade LED panel.   Absolutely no doubt well performing.   But I am now thinking about the after sales service, I am thinking about the far future where my tv will not turn on one day after 3-4 year.   Even then if the service is given well by Ridaex than I would join my hands to give them a clap again.

Sound Quality

Since Ridaex tv comes with dual 10W Dolby digital speakers, they are very good at performing too.  So no doubt about this since Dolby is already a big brand. So sound quality resolved.

Performance: Cortex A7 processor is used and it’s a very good processor for this tv. Where I have installed about 11 applications and still the tv is smooth as new.  The tv comes with 1 GB ram and I am expecting it could support till 15 apps smoothly.    But still, I would not be able to give a very clear definition of the performance.  But for sure I will post a comment on this post regarding the performance again.


I bought this tv from the got matter website, I assume that is the only site which sells Ridaex.  I have heard many complaints about delivery due to over flooding of orders.  But for me, it was a bit smoother.  7-9 days was the delivery time which was prescribed.  I have got on the end of the 7th day in the night 8.15 pm by FedEx.


The installation was scheduled for 3 pm in the noon and I don’t know the reason.  The installation person came for the installation at 5.30 pm.  I really have to wait for 2.5 hours without work.   This was a bit of rough experience.


The installation person couldn’t provide the demo. He was not really aware to use the Tv. Anyways that didn’t matter me, because the interface was very smooth and got used to it after using it for a few hours.    But I recommend Ridaex to provide a demo for all other customers.  It is very important for some customers.

I would like to give over all of 4 stars out of 5 stars.

Hoping for sales and future service will also be good because the promising long-term service is very important for electronics.

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  • December 15, 2017

    Even I have bought ridaex 42″ TV. I am surprised how Ridaex is able to sell such high-quality tv’s at this price. I don’t think they are making any profit out of it and doing branding. Anyways it was a nice review. I think i would be able to discuss about my experience also in this website.

    • June 10, 2019

      I completely agree that Ridaex sells very high-quality TVs at a resonable price. I am using ridaex nuke 50 inches android smart.
      Ordered TV on Instamojo, Delivery was too fast, I got the TV in 2 working days.
      Must say sound and picture quality is mesmerizing.
      I am very glad to support Make In India concept.

    • June 11, 2019

      Ridaex tv is just amazing.The 4k videos are visible very perfect .Descent product with wonderful 4K HDR display.The bottom rung of ridaex4K HDR ladder. The Ridaex takes much from the Ridaex, except for the 4K HDR Processor chip. It will instead use the older 4K Processor , which was top-of-the-line a couple of years ago.

      And that’s it for the 4K Ridaex nuke TVs for 2017 – although personally I wouldn’t be surprised to see later in the year. For now, let’s look at non-4K TVs, because the HDTV market is still thriving.

      • June 19, 2019

        I too agree with you that the 4K picture quality is just perfect and mesmerizing. I am using Ridaex RE PRO and I am shocked to see the 3D enhancer option.
        A 4K video with 3D enhancer is wonderful. This 3D enhancer just gives a superb enhancement to the 4K video.
        I am very much satisfied with the sound output too. I hope ridaex maintain the same quality product in the future.

    • June 14, 2019

      I bought rideax re pro that to on #powerplay offer. I got 6000 off while buying. I purchased re pro 55 inch android smart tv. The actual price of the tv was 44999 in offer i got the tv for 38999.
      I was very happy as i got a huge discount.
      Performance of the tv is very good. It also has 3D enhancer feature. Not all TV’s has this feature. It has a perfect 4K image quality. It has 2 down firing Dolby speakers of 11 watts each. The sound surrounding is superb and clear.
      Bought the right product and happy for it.

      • June 21, 2019

        The picture quality of the tv is best. both HD videos and 4K videos appear very clearly and are best in their range. In 4K video each and every detail I clearly visible. Even the colors are perfect, it shows the actual color instead of altering it with extra brightness or contrast or diming it.

        As the tv has Dolby speakers the total impact of the sound is superb. All the ports are working perfectly fine. I haven’t tried webcam calling yet but ill try it for sure shortly.

  • December 15, 2017

    Thank You, VenuGopal 🙂

    • June 11, 2019

      This brand has immense potential in the long run. Their Smart TVs are some of the most dynamic and versatile in terms of features and design. Had visited their main office at JP Nagar and was genuinely pleased with the overall Decor and presentation of their TVs put up for display. So i decided full heartedly to pick one up. The only minor shortcoming i faced was the delivery time otherwise the demo and installation were faultless. Happy to support the company’s initiative and have already spread the word to common folk and friends.

      • June 18, 2019

        I had ordered Ridaex Nuke 50 inch Android Smart TV from Instamojo in late Feb. The order was delivered in 3 days. I didn’t expect an early delivery but yeah I was happy to see my TV delivered before time.
        After the installation, the installation person said TV can be used in both ways as smart TV( in case if the android crashes) or an Android smart tv.
        I was pretty much impressed with those words.
        Android interface is very much similar to my smartphone so it is very easy to operate.
        But getting used to gyroscopic remote will take 2 to 3 days of time if you are using it for the first time.
        Picture quality is A class. It has a decent sound quality and also has HDMI ARC so that we can attach external speakers.

    • June 20, 2019

      Ridaex 43 inch tv is all about its quality, and features which are provided for a reasonable price.

      When u come across this kind of new brands you will have a second thought that how will the quality of the product be? and much more questions arise in our mind. Being honest ridaex nuke has the best picture and sound quality.

      I bought 2 unit one for room and another for the dining room as there was a power play offer and got 6k off on each tv. This is definitely a Recommended product for others.

  • December 15, 2017

    Ohh great to hear that even you have bought ridaex tv. So have you written a review about your tv? Share the like please. Let me have a look at it. Till now everything is good. I am looking for good after sales service after a year or 2.

    • June 13, 2019

      Hey VenuGopal. Even i am a customer of Ridaex and I had purchases Ridaex Nuke when it was newly launched in the year 2018. Its been 1.5 years since I bought the TV. Initially, their service after sales were not that good. But from the past 8 months, they have improved a lot. They have a massive improvement in their after sales service.
      Now they respond to each query of their customer . I have personally called them many times because of doubts and service of my TV after a year. Guess what I got my service done. I was very happy that my work was done easily.

      • June 22, 2019

        This TV is similar to other brands like MI, Sony, etc and the quality also is similar to these brands. I just think that the price would have been a little less. Apart from price every this good. Picture and sound quality, material, brightness, wifi connectivity, HDR, USB is very good.

        Even after using the tv for hours and playing games continuously I experienced no lag

    • June 17, 2019

      I purchased TV on the republic day offer and I got 5k off on Nuke 50 inch TV.

      Since I ordered on 26 jan 2019 I received TV on 30 jan 2019. Packing of the TV is completely different from other company TV. Ridaex has an additional layer of wooden box for extra product safety.

      Its a 4K Android Smart TV. 4K picture quality is great and the smallest details are clearly visible. My every penny is worth this type of picture quality.

  • December 15, 2017

    Can Ridaex TV Play MKV? I had brought Vizio M-Series The video quality is very poor and the screen appears blur without any ocytes in it… how can i buy Ridaex TV in Canada?

    • December 17, 2017

      Hey Alex. I don’t know if you could play MKV Format. I just found these on gotmatter website.
      .mpg / .dat / .vob / .jpeg / .bmp

      Probably you cannot buy Ridaex Tv in Canada. The company is New and growing with very good hype in India. Probably you may have to drop a mail to [email protected] to find the delivery.

      • May 15, 2019

        How will you feel if you have to wake up in the morning, call a call Centre number try hard to get through the line beg for the delivery of the tv and after a month long chasing finally get fed up and cancel the order and again start from scratch of chasing them again for weeks to get your hard earned money and pay them for their delivery failure as cancellation charges and finally thing did I do this just for a TV? Wanna experience this.. buy a RIDEAX TV

    • June 10, 2019

      Ridaex is a Made In India TV brand. Ordered TV and received in 4 days, the TV was packed in a wooden box for extra safety. Received 2 remotes in the package, one is a normal remote and other is a Gyroscopic remote.
      Installation was done the same day when I received TV.
      The TV is working perfectly smooth with clear picture and sound quality.
      HDMI ARC port is a plus point which allows connecting external speakers which give the max sound output.
      ImageMagik picture engine is another plus point which enhances a normal picture quality 10 times its original quality.
      And both hardware and software are upgradable.

      • June 13, 2019

        Which model are you using? Is it working perfectly fine? What is the cost of it? From which website did you buy?

  • March 20, 2019

    just write “Complaints about gotmatter” on google and you will come to know the real reviews.

    Ridaex TV and GotMatter is a fake company which takes orders , take your money and will not deliver the TV and also will not return back your money.

    I have ordered Ridaex Nuke TV on 20th Oct 2018 , havent got the delivery till now. Every week i have called to their customer care and every week they say it will be dispatched in a week and this is happening since i have ordered. They have consumed all my money and not even returning my money back, i have asked them so many times if you cant deliver then return my money but they are not doing that too. Last time when i sent this post in facebook their co-founder Naveen Srinivas called me (on 10th Dec 2018) and said he will get my TV delivered within a week and requested to remove my post from Facebook, but that incident is also very old now. I have sent lot of messages to Naveen on his linkedIn profile also but he says he is very busy to even respond on those messages.

    Its been 5 months now and i am feeling so much frustrated and cheated. They have bought all the good reviews that you see on internet. Please do not buy any thing from this company Ridaex and Favorite Online Shopping Site, Made With LOVE IN INDIA. Top discounts on electronics ecommerce. All the good reviews that you see about this company on Quora and other sites are fake review and paid ones. Check the snapshot in next page marked in Yellow color what the co-founder has to say about it.

  • April 9, 2019

    Ridaex TV is a no.1 fraud and cheating company who received all money and cheating. Pls don’t trust that company . I have ordered 43″ TV on 30.12.2019 but not yet they deliver the TV and also not return back my money. Not only me many people have paid money and complained about that company so people pls aware and don’t trust their fake reviews

    • August 3, 2019

      Ridaex company is not trustworthy company, believe me I am suffering from past one year. After sales they don’t care about service. Its not enough here, some customer make online payment but they still waiting for TV past 6 months. Chennai customer odisha customer nagpur customer they paid 50 50 thousnd rupees but this company don’t care. This company play with my emotions, they literally make you cry, I suffered lots. They have big defiency in their services. I waited they will improve but they are making worst to their services. We don’t have time to do legal actions and consumer court. But now I will go to consumer court definitely. My advice don’t buy this TV.

  • June 7, 2019

    I am using Ridaex RE PRO 50 inch android smart TV since.
    I orderd the TV on Instamojo. The TV was delivered in 4 days. The deliver was quick which was more than my expectations.
    As I received the TV around 5.30 pm so the installation was scheduled the next day.
    Next day the installation person arrived, he was very polite and new his job very well. Installation went pretty well.
    Coming to the product, it looks good with shiny black bezel. Overall thumbsup for built quality.
    Picture quality: As its a 4K tv the picture quality is sharp and crisp with deep black tones. It has perfect colour balance which make the picture look more natural.
    Sound : Dolby speakers is all you need to get a perfect and loud sound output, and this tv has 2 downfiring dolby speakers. Each speaker is of 12watt.
    A perfect picture and sound quality is all you look in a TV and this TV gives you all of this.
    Happy with my purchase.

  • June 7, 2019

    Bought this tv on Ridaexchnage offer,

    the tv was delivered in 48 hrs and installation took place on the same day.

    Had a great experience with Rideax

    A fabulous TV with an excellent price. Picture quality and sound quality Awesome.
    Best thing – It’s a 4K HDR TV which is above 4K UHD.

    1) Picture Quality is awesome. Awesome experience with Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.

    2) Sound Quality is Fantastic. No need to buy external speakers. Even sound volume at 20 is loud enough what to speak when increased to 50-60.

    3) The TV comes with Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar and it does works but I preferred to buy and watch on Amazon Fire Stick.
    Service after sales is good, they respond very well to there customers.
    I was having problem in operating few of the settings so i called them up to guide me and they did it in a very understandable manner. Hope you keep up the same way of serving yoyo customer.

  • June 9, 2019

    Great customer support makes a great brand. Congrats for being the 3rd largest budget television brand in India.
    I can see the improvements of your customer support from day one till today.
    I bought second ridaex led TV 2.5 years form now and still working perfectly fine.
    I have also recommended this tv to my friends and relatives.
    And i am very glad to support the make in India concept.
    A happy buyer 🙂

  • August 3, 2019

    Ridaex company is not trustworthy company, believe me I am suffering from past one year. After sales they don’t care about service. Its not enough here, some customer make online payment but they still waiting for TV past 6 months. Chennai customer odisha customer nagpur customer they paid 50 50 thousnd rupees but this company don’t care. This company play with my emotions, they literally make you cry, I suffered lots. They have big defiency in their services. I waited they will improve but they are making worst to their services. We don’t have time to do legal actions and consumer court. But now I will go to consumer court definitely. My advice don’t buy this TV.

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